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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Jstn, Feb 12, 2014.

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  1. Jstn

    Jstn Member

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    7:08 AM
    I tried to put in my forum info to login, and it didn't work.
    When I clicked the 'Register' button, it said, "...w failed, user at..."

    Anyone know what to do?
  2. Silaan

    Silaan Man Behind the Mask! Senior Member

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    2:08 PM
    ahm... The server seems offline... also, what register button? funnily enough, TW2D has no "register button" only a "new button" . . .
  3. Silver

    Silver Member

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    8:08 AM
    Likely this is another case of mistaken forum area. This section is for the 2D game, not the 3D game. TW2D doesn't give an error message like that for any reason. Game accounts for both TW2D and TW3D are their own accounts, however. Your forum info is for the forum only, and has no connection to the games. You'll have to register for either of the games, but TW2D is down and TW3D is in closed alpha, which means that without paying $40 you won't be able to register anyway. Hope this helps.
  4. Shuhei

    Shuhei New Member

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    5:08 AM
    So are you saying that we will have to pay $40 to play [The World] when it officially comes out, or is that just some weird thing for outside testers? Im new to this sort of thing.
  5. Siegfre
    • Staff / Administrator

    Siegfre [IridiumBased] President Staff Member

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    5:08 AM
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  6. Orion

    Orion Senior Member Senior Member

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    7:08 AM
    It's if you want to play during closed alpha and I think beta as well. Not 100% sure. Mostly you could be active on the community it might get you a key till then fair lad wait till it opens up for people to play I think open beta I think crim was talking bout that and something bout free weekends
  7. Cerberuspaw

    Cerberuspaw Senior Member Senior Member Indiegogo Backer

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    7:08 AM
    $40 is to support the game and gain access to beta and alpha testing. When the game is finished and released depending on the business model it takes P2P F2P will be a separate thing entirely. But so far the game is aimed at being F2P with cosmetic cash shop options. Hope this answers your question

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