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Discussion in 'Monster Creator' started by MoogleMorphosis, Oct 13, 2014.

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    I have no picture, but I would be hoping that one can fill it in their own heads, with descriptions.

    These golem-like creatures, guard hidden rooms and a vast array of treasures. There could be two ways to look at them. One, can act as art, and when disturbed, or whenever players get to a certain position, from which they can be blocked off, they could tear themselves from the walls, and slowly come towards trapped players, crushing them, in a similar manner as regular closing-in wall traps. Second, they could be as walls themselves, making certain items/skills/creatures useful in spotting them.

    I was thinking, that the first type, could try to drop down to crush the player, instead of walking towards them. Or, with their stubby legs, as one could recall such similar creatures in Super Mario 64, could be swiped under them to cause them to fall, thus leaving an opening. I was not sure if they should have the same weakness as the Mario wall-things, though it seems that it could definitely make an easy enemy from one end, and terrifyingly helpless in another.

    The second type may rarely attack, for the reason that they hold the secret to another room, hidden from the map, and/or also hiding great treasures. One apparent use for these, is that, like in this movie, The Cat Returns, in a maze-like setting, that walls could continuously move, out of the sight of players. This would partially also support the idea of the back, as the weak point.

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