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    Volumes of Insanity Vol.1

    When it begins, The voices of the damned infiltrating the mind like Trojan Horse Virus, Like Scorpion's Sting injecting your limb invading your blood stream with its toxin's.
    Realization is slim to none but i have found truth in its poison on the mind.
    Vocals herd for seemingly miles away... knowing there all in the left side of my brain is a abnormality, usually i cant know were they come from as they grow louder or quieter depending on the mood.
    being stuck in this game for over 3 years without sleep has taken its toll on the brain matter, and has caused my mind to bend like a paperclip.
    If your reading this to realize your insanity you are mistaken.
    If your reading this and think your crazy you are not, if your reading this and laughing you might aswell be crazy.
    Cravings of mass stabbings and deadbody's lingers at the back of everyones mind right?
    Its only normal to want to kill something, weather it be in a videogame or a small cat that the people next door dont take well enough care of... its almost like ive free'ed it, let it be free from its Neglectful owners.
    its the work of god!

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