unique skills, weapons, powers and misterys (hidden dungeons, easter eggs)

Discussion in 'The World Message Board' started by oculus, Jan 3, 2014.

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  1. oculus

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    when people think about .hack vrmmo they think about unique skills that you can obtain in hidden dungeons that no one found about yet.

    when clearing a special dungeon to get rare weapons, unique skills etc....

    when i think about it i get a smile on my face, that is .hack!

    the cool thing about the dot hack stories is that a guy walks from an dungeon with a unique item or power he obtained.

    so i hope the developers will put alot of work into easter eggs ^^
  2. TheEnigmaticLahran

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    Same here. Easter eggs are amazing. It sucks when you search through every bit of a dungeon in a game and aren't rewarded. I hope this game is different.

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