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    Going to add a paragraph on Unique Features to the kickstarter page. Might have to remove a bit of content thats already there though...dont want to make the page too long.
    Made this a seperate thread because I don't know all the features we plan to add from what gato and axl have talked about, so heres this from what I do know.

    Unique Features

    Unlike most MMO's that rely on some sort of physical travel from one land to another, our game relys on the Chaos Gate to travel to different parts within The World. These hundreds fields as mentioned before, are sorted by various influneces, such as element and difficulty.
    Thats not all however. Within most games, each level or map as a set number of monsters and enviorments. Not ours! We believe in creating a true world, and in a true world things just don't being busy just because you are not there to witness it! If left alone, some monsters slowly multiply and fortify their surroundings, which eventually pose a great threat if left unchallenged.
    Speaking of monsters, we're sorry to let you know but you're not the only enemy they have. Some tribes of monsters can and will fight one another to claim the area around them. They like you, are also influenced and in danger of the harsh enviorments around them. Which opens up to another unique function in this game, the extreme harshness of the enviorment.
    Like our real world, The Worlds landscape can be deadly. As mentioned before but this time in a little more detail, the fields element is more then just a unique backround to look at. A snowy field can quickly turn into a blizzard, slowing players down, reducing their vision, and even causing harm if left out in the snow. Another example is a volcano going off in a fire field, causing massive damage to anyone near the explosion! A final example is a very unlucky one, but imagine being hit by lightning!

    Sounds like alot of reasons to stay away from fields, we're sure. However we do have a great insentive for those to maintain fields...Guild Homes! Although guilds start in towns as small customable homes for a player and his small group of friends, if a guild becomes big enough and criteria is met, one can expand their guild onto a field! With the proper equipment, one can slowly begin to build a larger Field Home, which can be eventually built into a fortress!
    Be wary though, monsters and even other players can attack a Guild Home if left un protected! That being said, with a proper grooming of the field and being aware of the elements around them, one can easily maintain a Guild Home.
    Rumor also has it on rare occasion some mysterious workers will craft various homes and fortresses and leave them soon after, being avaliable to anyone who finds it, with or without a permit to build!
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    I like how it is sounding. I'll see what else we can add to expand a bit on it. If it ends up sounding too bloated, we'll stick with this.
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    This is pretty nice, and, as it turns out, I had already planned on Monster v. Monster combat, and it has been in the basic model for quite some time. I'm glad we're on the same page in that respect. Haha.

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