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    Words with music
    Cutscene of a dark dungeon leading to stairs, graves in his throne, Nihil on steps
    Custom Creator-> Knight
    Login into Mac anu
    Various videos of The World
    Videos of combat with simple mobs
    Video of Knight about to be over whelmed, then saved by Warlock/Rune Caster
    Video of Onesin popping up
    Cut feed
    Cutscene of Graves standing up and eyes glowing
  2. Keramory

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    IridiumBased Logo

    "Latin" -
    "Before life... there was Aura,
    ...and before death... there was Luna."

    Second words
    "A World that shines brightly casts an even darker shadow"

    Cutscene fades from dark to the begining of a hallway, stone steps and walls (castle dungeon) with water on either side of the hall. Torches are the only source of light.
    As the cam goes up towards the end, with stairs, there is a small hooded girl (nihil) playing with a teddy bear, making a soft hym playfully.

    As the stairs go up there is hooded graves sitting in his throne

    Third words
    ? (transition from dark theme to light theme)

    Theme song changes to something brighter, showing a login of some kind (like .hack).

    Character creater of making the Knight. Changing hair color and body armor changes.

    World camera view of Mac Anu and the Knight Logging in.

    Going to field to field (different elements) then to a dungeon.

    Fighting mobs, showing off different weapon skills.

    Music changes again

    Cutscene of a bunch of monsters popping, the Knight backing up.
    Then lightning and/or gunshots hit the mobs.
    Knight turns around and sees Warlock and/or Runecaster
    Goblin attacks them and knight defends them.

    Then suddenly the ground shakes and Onesin pops up
    Characters get on their feet.

    Cutscene ends as they are about to fight.


    "Eventually the Darkness grows envious of the Light..."

    Shows Graves slam his fist against the throne armrest and gets up
    Nihil panics and drops teddybear

    Zooms up to Graves and shows his yellow glowing eyes and saying
    "Gather the rest, it's time."


    "And when the Darkness begins to consume the Light, will you be able to stop it?"

    Little girl laughter (dark screen)

    "Coming Soon"

  3. axlsjolund

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    Sounds good. What are we looking at for a time period. 3-4 minutes? Or longer?
  4. Keramory

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    It should become about that long.
    The slowest parts are the cam leading up to the stairs and then the Onesin cutscene. The rest are fast and after one another again and again.

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