The Knights Of The Gray Dawn

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    The Knights of The Gray Dawn
    "For Aura and for The World!"
    A guild of vigilantes that "traverse The World tracking and vanquishing thy greater evils of thee lands, those that possess far more power than those of The World's more common foes." The Knights of The Gray Dawn also participate in activities such as guiding new adventurers through the early stages of exploration and combat of The World, and they regularly attend clashes at the Arena for their chance to duel a highly skilled opponent, particularly ones that specializes in blades. The Knights of The Gray Dawn are against the act of attacking other adventurers outside of the arena, but will not hesitate to strike if they feel threatened. The Knights of The Gray Dawn very strictly follow the Code of Chivalry.

    - Sir Nathan Lennox, The Knight of The Pale Sky

    1. The Descendants of Aura. The most skilled, powerful, and chivalrous of the Knights, earned by only displaying incredible loyalty and/or overcoming an extremely difficult challenge.

    2. The Nobleman are experienced Knights who have decided to (almost) permanently position themselves within a Root Town in order to solve inter-guild issues, commerce, and relations with other guilds. This is a respected and high position, but unlike the other three ranks, The Noblemen will almost never see combat. However, one of the most notable traits of a Knight is their passion for combatives, so a request to return to a Knight rank will almost always be accepted at anytime. This rank will be the last for many as the only rank above are "The Descendants of Aura" and Knights are not regularly promoted to this stage as it is only earned from specific situations, events, and encounters. Thus preserving the "Legendary" atmosphere of The Descendants and separating the incredibly skilled from the already well-trained Knights.

    3. The Gray Dawn Knights are the majority of the Knights, earned by displaying chivalry, proving thyself in combat (should always be a cut above average players), offering kindness and guidance to those in need, but also expressing intimidation and if needed, performing a swift but honest strike at to those who mean the innocent harm or seriously threaten the overall peace for an unnecessary reason.

    4. Serfs are trainees, recruits, apprentices of The Knights. Although they are not abused, they are trained strictly and intensely before they can pass on to become a Knight. Expected to follow any command a Knight gives them, even if it may seem wrong or corrupt. If the latter is true than the Serf will not be held responsible for the results of the action, only the Knight in charge. Also, if a Serf does act without the Knight, the Knight shall still be held reasonable for the Serf's attitude and actions for he has not taught the Serf well and is failing in his position as a teacher. However, a Knight may also expel a Serf from his training at anytime, this is the law expected to deter Serfs from purposefully and continuously stepping out of line. If a Serf and Knight absolutely cannot work together, then either party can request a transfer to another Serf/Knight after scheduling a meeting with a Nobleman. An ex-Serf may also approach a Nobleman for an another opportunity at becoming at Knight.

    Please contact a Descendant, or Nobleman if you are certain that this Guild is for you and you would like to start immediately. However, if merely interested or if you have any questions regarding the Guild, please leave a comment and we will try our best to answer as quickly as possible. Thanks you.


    Descendants of Aura
    Sir Nathan Lennox, The Knight of The Pale Sky




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