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Discussion in 'Neko's Tavern' started by snakebyte12, Apr 25, 2016.

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  1. snakebyte12

    snakebyte12 Senior Member Senior Member

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    7:50 PM
    Hello again everyone. it has likely been nearly a year now since I had last been on and it seems not much has really changed from when I had left. The forums really have seemed to die down considerably directly shutting down Alpha... I still feel that it may come to be even though it is likely to be a dropped idea and may have already been dropped.. For all you who still occasionally still visit the forum, I just hope we may all band together to help keep this dream of an MMO we have all tried our best to support a reality. I just don't want all this work to go to waste after we had all come so far with the support of the community as well as the dedication of the devs working so diligently to continue progress of the game.. please, those who still visit the forum, show you still care...
  2. calmchaos

    calmchaos Moderator Staff Member Senior Member

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    6:50 PM
    Until an official notice is posted stating that the project has been abandoned, it hasn't. I know the lack of information may lead some of you to think otherwise, but Siegfre would let everyone know if he drops the project. His past absence was due to him not being in a situation where he could let us know what was going on. Giving up on the project would be an entirely different matter, and he would not leave you guys hanging like that.

    He has not said anything of that kind, and the project is still underway. Thank you for your concern, though. Forum activity has certainly taken a nose-dive, so I appreciate your attempt at rekindling that drive.
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  3. MiniViper

    MiniViper Active Member Senior Member

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    Mmm summer is just around the corner for most folks. I reckon a lotta people are busy with college or family events... Or maybe dark souls 3??!??//1?/ Maybe a job came up and the league of super forum friends had to be called to the scene?
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  4. archaicINF

    archaicINF Senior Member Senior Member

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  5. Cosmic Architect

    Cosmic Architect Active Member Senior Member Backer

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    I hear you, I think more frequent news at least would help the situation, but I understand the devs are busy with other projects as well as this one. Didn't notice alpha had closed, but I guess that make sense that the key screen now asks for a "beta key" *just noticed a major change months later*

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