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Discussion in 'Character Creator' started by MoogleMorphosis, Oct 16, 2014.

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    I was kinda curious, for whenever people would like to enter new areas, or escape others, I was led to believe, partially, that the teleporting was a big thing of the game. I wonder what animations may already are in place, and if there are none, yet, then maybe we could discuss more of what we wish for. I recall in //sign (my favorite, and the first of three sources of input of TW) that Tsukasa held his staff up to the chaosgate, to attempt to logout. I remember having a feel of the teleporting thing, in Sudeki. (later I may provide a snapshot of the animation that takes place for coming/going through the portals)

    There seemed to be a neat thing, about being suspended in the air, in fetal pose, as they disintegrate into the energy that takes them everywhere throughout the game, and reintegrating, kind of like a rewind.

    At 7:50, this is the teleporting animation.

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    this would be a cool addition
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    All i see is them walki- oooooooh i see what you did there.

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