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Discussion in 'Monster Creator' started by MoogleMorphosis, Nov 2, 2014.

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    I have no name or picture of this thing, but I had some ideas of a creature, that would fit one's description of a level.

    Bear with the description, if would. This creature, is a bug/arachnid, that has a flexible neck, a toothed head, and is mostly blind to all, save scent. It can use it's neck, to attack predators/hunters above itself, and under. Related similar to spiders, the means to ensnare prey, and to climb above the treeline, is a sticky abdomen on it's bottom side. The neck thing reminds me of those creatures you find under the well in LoZ OoT, that have hands ready to grab you.

    Ah, also, the legs are armored, plated/scaled, so that only the neck/back is exposed.

    I would appreciate if people would give me input about how this appears.

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