Stuck bug: Tree near building with green stripe

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by FACE, Jun 19, 2015.

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    Hi, first bug report so let me now if I need to do something different. When you first start the game next to the chaos gate go over the bridge, slightly to the left, up small stair case that leads to second bridge and down the other small stair case on the other side. There is a tan building here with a green strip and a tree with one of the limbs growing through it kind of; its by the water. If you run at the tree the character will climb strait into the wall of the building and get stuck. I had to exit and reload to get out.
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    We appreciate the bug report but in an effort to keep all bugs organized, can you repost this bug here . As new versions of the game are released the bug threads will correspond to the specific release.

    Welcome to the Forum, I hope you enjoy watching this game grow. Any questions there are guides stickied in The World Message Board Section. If you are still confused by anything @flamedog @Naruki @calmchaos or I should able to help as well as most active members.
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