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    Making this because I don't want people to give out wrong information, post our name with crap grammar and spelling, and start fights on the other forums.

    Thanks for helping us out! Here is a post you can copy and paste to other sites you are apart of. Doing so will help us greatly, as I'm sure many other people would like to know about our project as well. Please be mindful of spreading our name however, and dont start fights when people flame us for our project or aspects of it.
    If anyone starts an issue on another forum, just please simply PM me here and I will make an account on the said forum and talk to them myself ^.^ I work professionally dealing with real life trolls and flamers so I think and hope I can deal with it well.
    The first part of this copy and paste template is up to you, as you're more framiliar with your community elsewhere then me, but please keep the rest somewhat the same.
    Thank you again for helping!

    Hey everyone! I just wanted you to all know about this cool project on kickstarter I found. They're making a large scale MMO and it looks pretty cool. Everything looks pretty in depth from the classes to the storyline, and I can't wait to play it...assuming it has enough backers. I know the development team for a while now, so if you want them to come answer some stuff, just let me know.

    Heres the link to the project:
    Heres a link to their site:

    A little bit about the game.
    There are 7 basic classes and for each basic class, an option of one or two advanced classes.
    Basic classes include:
    Knight - A tank class with sword and shield
    Runecaster - A support and range class, alot like Outlaw Star
    Wavemaster - Mage Class
    Berserker - Axe Class for damage
    Lancer - AoE class
    Blademaster - Balanced Class with two swords
    Thief - weak class with a dagger but have great treasure bonuses
    Advanced Classes include:
    Paladin / Dark Templar
    Rune Sage / Marksman
    Warlock / Cleric
    Sentinel / Executioner
    Rogue / Treasure Hunter
    Reaper / Acrobatic
    Hero / Samurai

    The landscape is alot like DotHack. You start in towns that have Chaos Portals. By entering Keywords, you warp to different elemental fields/landscapes with monsters and treasures. Almost every field also has a maze like dungeon thats even more dangerous, but have awesome treasures and bosses waiting at the end. The types of dungeons are influenced by the type of field you're on. Due to the Keyword Generator, every field and dungeon is unique.
    Some fields will be completely unique and have breath taking landscape and scenery, as well as dangerous forts full of tribes of monsters.
    The Landscape and music are so well done, you'll end up just having your character sit on a beach or hidden lake just listening to the backround music.

    The Developers are very serious about having an amazing storyline in the game. This will include alot of cutscenes, twists, character depth, and progress of the players in the middle of the story. They have as an example a part of the backstory up on the site if you're interested! To make it really short, everything revolves around the Twin Goddesses, Luna and Aura.

    Character Creation and Customization
    Another thing thats really well done is how they're handling how players make their characters. Weapons will visually differ based on how they're equiped, but not armor. Players can make their character look anyway they want based off different armor choices right off the start. It goes deeper then that though. Later you can go to outfitters in town and change the appearance of your characters with even more armor choices you unlock while you progress throughout the game. If you complete quests, storylines, leveling, and advanced jobs, you will unlock even more choices of armor and colors for them.

    There is alot more stuff in the game that I didn't list here but I think I got a good bulk of it. Again I know some of the developers of the game so if you have any questions for them feel free to ask me and I'll get them on the site for you! Please help out with me and donate to their project, I want to play an MMO like this badly!

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