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  1. Quine

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    Well, this Weapon, the Sol Flash, It's supposed to be a Weapon for the Thief class. It seems to have Alignment to Fire Element, and has two gems, one at Top, and one at bottom. It is very good with escapes, because of a [Flash?] Ability, which stuns and blinds the enemies before the user. And also, if the developers are really thinking about making this weapon... please pay attention to a funny little detail [I've circled it white, in another screenshot.]
    It is not veeery good, but i'm proud about the texturing in the Handle, i never made one so good...

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  2. Elfic Angel

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    I liked it :)
    The idea of skill have connection with the gems is really cool ... xD
    and a skill that blinds and stuns the opponent is very useful even in times of crisis in the battle ^^

    I would like to know how can I give "like" this forum x-x
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    the like button is normally right next to the reply button but the like requirements were changed so I'm not sure what your forum rank needs to be to use it
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    aaah, thanks xD then it is for my low rank I could not find this blessed button ^^

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