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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Keramory, Jul 11, 2012.

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    Hello all and welcome to the new website! This isn't much of a welcome, I'm going to let Axl and Akira do that as they put all the hard work into making this, but I would like to take this chance now and post some various media sources based on our project.

    We are hoping to expand the word which is Iridium (not a cult I swear) and decided to make several accounts in various sites in which users and players can watch our progress and interact with staff and fellow users not just within the forum, but outside the forums as well.

    Join our page and follow along with other Facebook users. We plan to post various small screenshots and comments here.

    Here is a great tool to follow Iridium and its staff as they work and what they do outside work. There is an offical Twitter (Iridiumbased) for project and site content and individual staff twitters to follow on their predicular work.
    Iridiumbased -
    -Keramory -!/keramory
    -Siegfre -!/SiegfriedRS

    Although we'll be sure to post videos as they're released, here is our brand new Iridium youtube page! No videos yet, but there will be I promise!
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    This link doesn't work :/ BTW :)
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    It was updated. To be honest the twitter account has not had alot of activity in comparison to the facebook page. Although we are not going after twitter aggressively currently, we plan to after the game comes out.
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    Keramory - Professional impersonator of a professional director attempting to professionally present 'The World' via Youtube videos. /Golf clap/

    Thanks for the links~
  5. Keramory

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  6. Stalwart_as_the_Mount

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    I always enjoy them you've made great progress so far

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