Sniper (advanced rune gunner class skills and other ideas)

Discussion in 'Classes' started by Hazao, Dec 29, 2014.

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  1. Hazao

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    the sniper would be a distance class that uses sniper like guns for long distance that uses stealth and distance above all... meaning very low defense and hit points.

    the idea for this class is to use high caliber (high damage) and or lasers both of which have high accuracy
    since they have low hp and defense I'm suggesting a cloaking skill and a high jump skill to get to high up places

    anyways its just an idea id like to see and ill add more if the topic is liked
  2. MoogleMorphosis

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    I like the thought of long-ranged combat, as that leaves war-scale pvp to be possible, though with the current idea about enemy spawning, I am not sure if it'd be set up anytime soon. There was another idea about rifts, instead of portals, though where that is, I haven`t a clue.
  3. Hazao

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    i thought of spawns and that's why I said a high jump to get on cliffs... its still possible to hit them but it will mean spawns wont be a bother
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  4. D.i.z

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