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  1. Quine

    Quine Well-Known Member Senior Member

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    Well, how Skills and Spells will be achieved by the Character? Will them be imbued with a Weapon? or they'll be achieved by reaching a Certain level? [Or maybe someone teaching you?] Or it'll be both?
    For now, we have only the wavemaster and his 9 spells [But he can't cast'em without his weapon.] but... there is still some doubt.
  2. Cerberuspaw

    Cerberuspaw Senior Member Senior Member Indiegogo Backer

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    I can't remember where it was posted anymore but equipment will determine skills, with a few exceptions I'd imagine
  3. Jakster

    Jakster Well-Known Member Senior Member

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    so...Like Onigiri? Like every weapon will have a different skill roll. Like Spear A would have the skills "Poke, Jab, and poke harder" But Spear B would have the skills "Poke, Lunge, and wack". (Obviously made up skills). Or just generic class based skills
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  4. Keramory

    Keramory Guest

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    There will be skills and spells that are based off of equipment alone (like .hack).
    However we're taking a step farther and giving classes abilities and traits of the class themselves, usually helping them support their given roles. For example a knight has an ability to boost his teams defense or summon a monsters attention so only he's attacked.
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  5. Quine

    Quine Well-Known Member Senior Member

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    Oh, i guessed it were something like that...
    Well, i hope that the lancer have some neat acrobatics.
  6. Keramory

    Keramory Guest

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    11:36 AM
    Since its a nice sunday, the simple version we made up long ago for Lancer:

    Level 10- Flexability
    Increases AoE physical radius of player by 3 feet
    Level 20- Wide Scan
    Increases AoE phsyical radius of party by 3 feet

    Level 15 - Longarm's Fury
    Recast 3 minutes
    Party's AoE attack's increase for every monster currently engaged in battle. Lasts for 20 seconds.

    Probably going to give it a target speed boost ability too, again haven't touched these in a while. They all will probably be redone, they were just very basic abilities and traits for each class (that made it fairly balanced). Also many classes abilities and traits give us the chance to test out unique mechanics, such as for example in lancer's case, AoE spread increases.

    To show that, another example, Thief:

    Level 10 - Eye for Treasure
    Increases the chance for a rare item drop by 5%
    Level 20 - Questionable Generosity
    Increases the chance of a rare item drop for all party members by 2%

    Level 15 - Retreat
    Recast 5 minutes
    Movement speed is increased by 15% for 20 seconds.

    Probably going to add level 5 abilities as well now that I think of it, or switch trait to 5 and abilities to 10, because I want to grant Thief the ability to do more damage from behind. Kind of a FF staple but it makes sense >.> Thief's should not be going in alone.
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  7. MoogleMorphosis

    MoogleMorphosis Well-Known Member Senior Member

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    With the thief, it'll also help them out because people seem more likely at a higher level to join parties. Its not exactly tough to get to lvl 5, I`d think.
  8. Quine

    Quine Well-Known Member Senior Member

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    4:36 PM
    Well, if it is hard... Ambrose's out there.

    Oh, about skills, will melee specials have effects Like: Launch Up [Launch target upside.] Knock Down or those things that can help us string some neat combos?
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  9. D.i.z

    D.i.z Active Member Senior Member

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    that would be awesome
  10. Tom Badguy

    Tom Badguy Active Member Senior Member

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    12:36 PM
    Launchers would be awesome, like in the .hack/GU games. But would have to make sure that there is a cap so no one can string infinites because then combat would be super free.
  11. Unwashed Towel

    Unwashed Towel Member

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    I like the idea of the Thief having more loot/speed passives and skills more than I do damage. (If it was an Assassin class, then I would agree with more damage) So maybe give Thiefs a skill that increase attack speed instead of damage? It seems like move speed and loot chance were thought of way before I decided to toss in my two cents. =)
  12. Shadowtim3

    Shadowtim3 New Member

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    Random question, what're all the class skills? Or is there a post for that, that I haven't found yet?

    Nevermind I found it. ^^
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