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    My friend KoukinSama introduced me to this thread after our commentary group watched .hack//Infection. I love the series (planning to watch .hack//Sign soon, since I missed out on some references and such). Anyway, here's my monster idea!

    Name: Skelenom
    Category: Undead
    Description: A body made of bones, with huge hnds and three skull heads on long necks. It tries to grab players and hold them in place while it swings its heads down to bite its victims. I was thinking it could have a chance to poison, but if anyone has a better idea, I'd be happy to hear it!
    ~ By posting my art here I acknowledge that developers of IridiumBased may use the material for their products. I am posting to give my creative support in aiding the development of their games. I by no means am demanding credit or compensation for my idea and art to IridiumBased. Finally by submitting these images I am stating that this is my own work, not the work of others.
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