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Discussion in 'Monster Creator' started by fm3, May 29, 2015.

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    Mertle Concept.png
    My original drawing from 3 or 4 years ago:

    Mertles are a turtle-like species that live in the dark depths of the ocean. They're generally quite docile, slowly drifting through the water minding their own business. However, they will instinctively snap at anything that swims too close, with rather surprising speed. That said, it really isn't that difficult to dislodge a Mertle that's clamped down on you.

    Though they live underwater, they do have to surface to breath. An interesting thing about Mertles, though, is that they breath through a small opening at the front of their shell. A Mertle can store an entire day's worth of oxygen inside its shell, so they are usually only seen surfacing in the early morning.

    Requested name of the monster: Mertle

    ~ By posting my art here I acknowledge that developers of IridiumBased may use the material for their products. I am posting to give my creative support in aiding the development of their games. I by no means am demanding credit or compensation for my idea and art to IridiumBased. Finally by submitting these images I am stating that this is my own work, not the work of others.
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    soo Cute I whant one as a pet >w<
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    that´s great stuff. feels in tune with the World.

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