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Discussion in 'Lost Grounds' started by calmchaos, Nov 11, 2013.

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    This section, in particular, must have some rules. For example, we cannot have members roleplaying... certain roles. Please read the following rules as failure to do so may lead to your breaking of one of them, and breaking a rule may not be pretty.

    1. Each roleplay will adhere to the rules in this thread as well any posted by its creator; there shall be no hijacking of threads.
    2. There may be no more than two threads in the roleplay sub-category and one thread in the out-of-character sub-category for the same roleplay.
    3. No spamming will be tolerated in the roleplay sub-category. Every single reply must add to the story in some way that only your character could accomplish.
    4. All discussions relating to any roleplay that are not that roleplay or the application thread for that roleplay must be posted in the out-of-character sub-category. There will be no exceptions, and I will move any violating threads as well as issue a warning to the thread creator.
    1. Try to be thoughtful when designing a character, and remember that all characters should be unique.
    2. When creating a roleplay, it is suggested that three threads be formed: the roleplay thread, the application and character design thread, and the discussion thread.
    3. It is in the creators advantage to be highly specific in setting up any roleplay. The setting should be covered in great depth when added to the first post of the roleplay thread, and the creator should have special regulations for character designs.
    Aside from spamming, all rule violations will first result in a warning and, if the action continues, will proceed into other disciplinary action. Spamming is an immediated special disciplinary action; it will not be tolerated, period.
    If there are any rules or guidelines that you feel should be added, please message me. I would love to hear your thoughts.
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