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Discussion in 'Classes' started by MoogleMorphosis, Oct 7, 2014.

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    Hey, I`ve just downloaded Rift, and I`m at the part where I`m choosing my class, and I`d found it divided, and others seemed to have created the builds. I`m saying this now, because of two things. One, related to this, is that I`d been meaning to divide the mage class, which of course, the division stage is faced as an option, when the classes themselves generally can hold themselves as a whole. The idea that some players had created and contributed, seems very stuck in my head as an awesomeness.

    My second thing, was that, it was incredibly graphical, when first downloading it, there is an update, and there is actually a minimal of which one can play. owo It seemed quite able to handle itself, which makes me wonder if we`ll be able to reach that sort of state.

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