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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Muhammad Aji Alghifari, Mar 2, 2014.

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  1. Muhammad Aji Alghifari

    Muhammad Aji Alghifari New Member

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    8:07 PM
    i was download this game. but how to register in this game .. how to get the key ??
  2. karashe

    karashe Well-Known Member Senior Member Indiegogo Backer

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    7:07 AM
    Are you talking about the world 2d? or the world 3d?

    if it is the world 3d you need to go here
    and yes you need a key.
  3. Saika

    Saika Well-Known Member Senior Member

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    2:07 PM
    When you spend 40$ you get a key.
  4. Tokio

    Tokio Guest

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    5:07 AM
    In order to obtain a key, you have two choices.

    1) You need to donate $40 to the team which can be found HERE. There's also information how they can make until it hits one of goal. So far it's already about over $9,000. See green-colored? It's have been already reached. Red-colored means it haven't been reached. Two goals reached, one more to go, yay! :)

    2) You may not need to donate. Instead you can be active on forums, like posting stuffs and such. When that happens, Siegfre will email you your new key, as a thank-you note.

    For more information about alpha, go HERE or HERE. And for F.A.Q, go HERE.

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