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    Get your job, complete your mission and get paid, son.

    Guild Leader: Ranger
    Guild Description:
    A clan of members whose main objective is to obtain a job and get their due in order to rise up in rank. On the side, the guild stands for aiding new and old players alike and pursuing the classification of Jacks of All Trades.
    Guild Divisions:
    - Clubs [ENTRY]
    - Spades [Rank Up]
    - Diamonds [Rank Up II]
    - Hearts [Rank Up III]
    - Aces [Rank Up IV]
    - Joker [LEAD]

    Guild Members
    - Ranger [Joker]

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    Sorry for my lateness, but you should check out the guild compendium in my signature. You can use the others' format as an example to make an entry for your guild.

    I wish your guild the best.

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