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    Quests are seperated into three different catogories.

    1. Storyline Quests
    Quests NOT apart of the quest guild/shop. This goes for overline story, mounts, and class advancement story quests.

    2. PvE Quests
    Player verse NPC enemy quests. The majority of quests given by Shops/Guilds.

    3. PvP Quests
    Player verse Player quests. Given by PvP quest guild/shop.
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    Storyline Quests

    1. Main Storyline

    Quest 1. "Welcome to The World"
    Starting Npc- Kato (near Chaos Gate, Aqua Polis)

    Kato: Hey there stranger! You look like you've just arrived to this Root Town, Aqua Polis. Don't be shy, all new adventurers go through this gate their first time. You don't even know what that gate is there? That's the Chaos Gate of course! Here I'll teach you how to use it. Go up to the Chaos Gate and press ( ), then enter the words ( ), it'll take you to your first field! I'll meet you on the other side!

    Kato Repeat: What are you waiting for? Go over to that Chaos Gate and enter in the words ( )! I'll meet you at the field once you do!

    Objective: Go to field ( ) and speak to Kato on the field.

    Npc 2, Kato (field): Hey you made it! I was worried you wouldnt make it. Where we are now is called a field. Be careful though, monsters are lurking about. Explore around and eventually you'll find an enterence to a Dungeon! Dungeons are dangerous but house amazing treasures in Gott Chests at the bottom! I heard theres a priceless Headless Statue in this Dungeons Gott. Bring me one and I'll give you something that will help you in your travels.

    Kato Repeat: What are you standing around for? Is the Dungeon too much for you? Try gaining experience by fighting the monsters around here first before going in then. That or bring a friend! Why don't I go? Well uh...don't tell anyone but I'm not a fan of Wormys. They give me the Creeps!

    Objective: Go into Dungeon of Field ( ) and grab a Headless Statue from the Gott. Return to Kato on field ( ).

    Npc 2, Kato (field): You made it back! Did you get the statue? Amazing I knew you had it in you! You'll make your way to the top for sure at this rate! As I promised here is your reward for helping me out. Don't be so modest you deserve it dealing with those nasty bugs!

    Reward: Pending on Class:
    Iron Sword
    Iron Axe
    Iron Spear
    Elk Staff
    Iron Dagger
    Modded Caster Gun

    2. Advanced Class

    3. Neko Storyline (mount)

    3. Miscellaneous
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    PvE Quests
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    PvP Quests
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    the beginning quest sounds like a direct copy from the game. close enough it could get us in trouble.
    But i will be honest I only skimmed and saw orca and a few keywords.

    as far as the npc being next to the gate we might want to make the entire area bigger and as its rather small for a larger amount of people. as is the camera is rather low to the ground and it could make seeing whats going on rather hard. or so i think.
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    I'm redoing the Chaos Area.
    Orca was nearly a name holder. As for the actual quest itself, I never played the first game so I have no idea how similiar it was.
    We never made keywords yet so I had to leave the Keywords blank
    Atm we should just use whats up there to test the quest system itself.
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    Alright, sounds like a plan.
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    I can see why most games do simple talk to npc and get item for reward. What the NPC says, what it repeats, what it says when you're not questing for it, etc. That alone is annoying for each quest lol. Imagine animations and cam angles for each one...Maybe one day!
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    Quest Shop Quests

    Aqua Polis

    Introduction Quest
    Npc- Well look what we got here, another newbie! Don't look at me like that, you're the one carrying a wooden weapon after all. Ha! What are you going to do? Give me a splinter? Haha! What about me? I run a little errand shop here for various customers to get their little odds and ends done by others...for a nice fee. The errand boys get a cut and I collect the rest! Great thinking right? I'm rich and I don't lift a finger! Wahaha! Aww you look so sad now...with your little piece of wood...want to make a few coins so you can stop embarassing yourself? I'll let you become one of my little minions! That is...if you can handle running down a street without getting hit by one of these boats floating around here... take this package and deliver it to Lebos over in the middle of the square. Handle that at least and we'll see what I can make out of you.
    Npc Repeat- What are you doing standing around here? The reciver of that there fine package is in the middle of town. Here's probably the only one around! I'm not holding your hand crybaby! Go deliever the package!
    - Obtain Item, "Small Envelope" (A small package given to you by the Quest Shop Keeper. Don't open it and give it to Lebos as soon as you can!"
    (travel to the middle of town and give Lebos the package)

    Lebos - Why hello there how can I help you? Hmm...oh my special magazine is finally here! I thought it wouldnt be in for at least a couple of weeks! That shop keeper sure has his ways about these things...I can't stress enough how happy I am about this! Thank you! Heres the amount I owe plus a little tip for you! Have a good day!
    Lebos Repeat- Oh my...yes! How do they get these snap shots of General Redstreak??
    (return to Quest NPC)

    Npc- Look whos back...did you manage not to get lost? Well you didnt drown so thats a good sign...and more importantly you brought me money! Haha thats a good little minion! Hmm... this money sack feels a bit light. Did you get a tip? They always tip!!! Thank the goddess!!! Well dont just stare at me hand it over, you're apart of my services now and all tips are shared to all employees. All employees meaning just myself because I'm the only one here who counts as an actual person! Wahahaha! Aww...Don't look so sad...all those tears might warp that wooden stick of yours! Wahaha! Ok ok heres your payment! And a job well done at that minion! Enjoy your easy money...because its just going to get harder from here! If you want more money come pay me another visit, I'll have more work for you minion!
    (obtains gold amount)
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    Your quest is in. This was a good test quest, I had to add a bit more to the system to get it done. Also we're going to need some kind of dialogue system for npc's in the near future most likely. Because normal chat and the occasional dialogue boxes looks terrible, for talking to npc's anyway.

    Also just making a note of it so I don't forget. In the future we can even make little quests like this a bit more complex. With things like having the Quest Giver Npc take some of your cash when you return to him, and if you don't have enough then you "fail" the quest cause you pretty much jacked his cash. (You can't do the quest over and the quest is still considered "completed" but it may change his dialogue a bit for future quest, or change the whole quest line)
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    Thats a good idea.
    Right now I was limiting the complexity of the quest due to its one of the first ones.
    I was planning to make a rescue quest in a dungeon if you can do that. Let me know if thats ok on your end and Ill write it up...along or if an issue, instead different kinds of quests.

    Actually, let me know whats in the realm of possibility for these quests such as item fetching, battles, collecting, rescues, escorting, ect and that can give me a judge on how a correct path will go.
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    Gato this one you're going to LOVE. I'm going to LOVE.
    Since its such early phases lets have extreme fun with this.
    We're going to make a quest with panic and lust.

    Panic (in robe and mask) is going to be randomly somewhere in town, somewhat hidden.

    Panic: Oh...Oh yes yes! You there! There child! There there! Come, come over here! I need something of you. Something I need! Lust is bathing! Yes its true! Lust is bathing and soon it will be for me and you! Do you want to learn more? More from dear old Panic?
    Yes (a picture of me with an evil smile)
    No (picture of gato with an no head shake)
    Do Math (picture of Aryth with a pondering face)

    If Yes: Good! Good! Take this, this you will take!
    (obtains a camera)
    Now this is rare, one of a kind! If broken, you will find your face in a coffin, I guarantee there should be no mistakes! Go off to (area words) and down in the deepest parts you will find what we both have been seeking! The rarest of treasures! The glimpse of a true Goddess! Becareful now...for no goddess is without her furry! ...maybe I should have asked Fury to do this...

    If No: Hmph! Fine! Away you should go! A true adventurer would beg for the opportunity to partake in the ultimate adventure! I won't stop a coward! Fury! Yes Fury! I shall find Fury and he shall partake in this quest! Crow must not find no.

    If "Do Math": You calculate that someone spent alot of time making this quest so you should probably do it... (goes back to options)

    So you go down to a part of a dungeon and you see Lust Bathing (shes under water or has something on so its not nudity)
    Lust: Hey! You there! You think I cant sense such a perverted presence! Panic is that you? If it is I'll kill you! You too Fury!!!! ...not that I could blame you silly boys for not being able to resist....hmm? a cute little adventurer... my mistake. Tell me...was this chance of a life time worth the trip through hell? Hehe its ok...come a little closer and tell me what you d-e-si-r-e..<3...
    WHAT? you want to take a picture of me!?!?! Who set you up to this? I KNEW IT! When I get my hands on that masked freak not all the rocks in the world will put him back together!!!!

    Take the picture and run (a picture of me with an evil smile)
    Trick Panic with Lust (a picture of Gato doing something)
    Hide in a Corner (a picture of aryth turned around)

    If picture
    (Takes a picture and tries to run)
    -Return to Panic: You're back! Yes! Yes! You got the picture?
    No....(keep the picture) (a picture of me with an evil smile)
    Here! Take it and never talk to me again! (Picture of gato angry)
    Calculate (picture of Aryth thinking)

    (keep picture) - Panic: "What? What happened? How did you fail? Did her power truely prevail? ...wait...whats with that grin on your face! Betrayed! This is why I hate your human race! Now die so I can reclaim whats mine! (you die)
    (give picture) - Panic: Yes! This is what I was waiting for! So long! I cant wait to show-...wait. Wait wait! Whats this? A picture of her hair? Do you not know how to take a simple picture??? You have failed me! Failed me you have! Now die and never return! (you die)
    Calculate- (You calculate the amount of holes one could revive from those giant daggers under his robes) (goes back to options)

    Will finish later!

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