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Discussion in 'Character Creator' started by MoogleMorphosis, Oct 5, 2014.

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    As for basic pieces of armor, I was thinking this was a very focused-upon target. Appearances over functionality seems like a stress that could be worked on, thereafter. I am curious enough to ask, if the administrators, if they wished to be diverted from the smallities of the project, to get to bigger pieces.

    My question is this: If, there were some file pieces that, when altered, could provide some basic colorations, that may be meager enough for the community to play with?

    For minecraft, it seemed pretty simple to be able to change a character's skin, and some pieces of the texture. If it's nothing for the likes of me to worry about, then please say so. If I may add, I think that some of the community may already have ideas of how they want their characters to look. I would hope that these folk also have a chance to attempt to create colorful designs, so that before the end of the alpha/beta phases, they might be able to express their wants.

    My meaning, is to ask for the file types for basic textures, so that we all may have a chance to alter, submit, and vote upon the surviving pieces, if it had to be held at a limit. :3
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    For the complex multiple faces and various angles of the model, texturing is much more complicated than in Minecraft, because the body was only made up of parallel rectangular faces there. The models in this game are smooth and have too many faces to texture easily for the average person.
    That being said, its perfectly possible, but I am very bad with texturing and I don't think that for now the developers would have the resources to devote themselves to creating a "skin server" similar to minecraft where you upload a texture for your account to use in game.
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