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Discussion in 'PvP Discussion' started by Keramory, Dec 19, 2012.

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    *marks cerb*
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    Insert Image Tomoki Tower
    (For those interested simply type this in google. I'd post it but just more derailment then I think this thread can handle)

    Caption: Have at thee brethren
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    Necro bump :3! ...

    The following post assumes things exist as part of the system of pvp that most likely don't... ENJOY !

    Skip to the bold at bottom if you're not up for a ramble/idea though thingie

    Well anyway why I'm here... So I've been reading a book lately and it brought up something that I thought I'd share... So I know what is planned for pvp(Not really it seems you idiot : p). But was it ever mentioned to have set types like fighting to X% of HP ? Well that depends I guess for tournaments you may not lose items with the drop on death(or was that idea never added..) but on to my somewhat main point... So will we be able to randomly pvp or I guess you could call it a duel on the spot where you could fight to X% of HP, To the death, etc... For say fighting till 50% and the person is at 510 of 1000 and an attack does 600. Now I'd assume that would set them below 50% and the other person would win.. but would the system process the other 90 as null damage or would the system declare them dead due to not having any more HP left... I bring this up due to well the fact that if the system isn't prepared for someone to die aka a X% battle and someone dies would it run the normal death sequence or a modified pvp sequence(well assuming you are in a match where you don't risk drops or what not)

    TLDR of the TLDR: This post isn't for you... it's really just me rambling about nothing important.

    TLDR: During a pvp match which I assume will have modes like fighting to X% of health. Now if someone has 510 of 1000 and the other person does 600 damage would the system null the other 90 or would the person die due to no having any points left.... or during that type of pvp would hitting zero not kill you but just forfeit the match. Then again PVP is all about killing people so to the death is more fun :3! This matters because depending on how it would work out in a "no risk" match you may still drop something.

    Hell if exploited correctly in the wild you could even pull out a PK with out getting marked :3 (if the system doesn't detect the over kill from the X% match)

    Gahh I think I may of explained it better in the TLDR... oh well.
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    If the fight is to X%, then if they hit you for more than what you have you will die. Duels aren't special, I think, unless it's an arena fight, which I know will start you with full health and doesn't give any death penalties. I'm not sure there is a 'duel' function outside of the arena. There are PvP fields, and you can fight there if you want, but all PK costs and death penalties apply if you kill your opponent or die.
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    Thank ya Arythy ~!
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    Idea wise, it seems quite similar to Lineage 2's PvP system. IMO it is a GREAT system that evolved into almost a culture of PvP inside the game.
    The only issue I have with what it currently is here (Haven't played yet, only read) is that the PvP aggressor is expecing a reward for killing someone, such design results in a KOS policy wherever PvP is enabled. Removing the reward, but still leaving an option for free world PvP would EASILY fix the problem without discouraging PvP completely as killing someone would provide rewards in different ways like vengeance, fun or freeing up a farming spot. If you were to kill somebody who's attacking you, THEN you would expect a reward since you are defending against someone, however this poses another problem: imagine two players having some sort of a dispute, one of them engages in combat, the other person retaliates and an unofficial duel starts (pretty much). In such a scenario, the person who attacked first (even though it was a 'duel') would be considered an aggressor and would risk his gear.
    So why don't we take inspiration from an existing system and perhaps expand upon it (although the expansion would be unneccesary). If a player attacks another played, they are considered "flagged for PvP" or just "flagged" for short and they appear with a indicator of sorts, then if the other player retaliates they also become flagged, however for a much shorter amount of time than the person who struck first. If a player would successfully kill an unflagged player, they would be considered <Insert cool cool term here> (In L2 they are called, Chaotic Characters, or "Karma"). Such a status could be cleared by earning experience points. Each kill that would turn you into a chaotic character character would make it more difficult (or time consuming) to "clear your name". Dying as a chaotic character would result in a chance (percentage depending on how many people you've killed (some sort of point system) ) to lose a random item from your inventory (equipped or unequipped).
    Tournaments and arenas are cool cool and tbh you can't go wrong with whatever you implement.
    It's just that actively encouraging open world PvP is never a good idea, but leaving it as (slightly discouraged or risky) option makes for an interesting experience.
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    Maybe there could be a specific server where PvP is enabled in the world.

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