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Discussion in 'Monster Creator' started by Stalwart_as_the_Mount, Jun 18, 2014.

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    yeah it's the cage bug redone oh well,
    present bug.jpg
    what does it have hiding in the more monsters, great treasures, or junk only the bug knows and if you good enough you might find out
  2. Crim

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    Maybe instead of a box and bow it could have a chest from in the game. And it could be a monster chest or a treasure chest. Maybe that could be a random thing. Or it could always be a treasure chest with a rare item in it and the bug could randomly appear in any field and be a tough battle needing 2-3 people. It could be a non aggroing creature that just roams. Attack it, and it defends the treasure at all costs. Could even be written into the story as a messenger bug that transports valuable goods from city to city.

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