[NPC] Maggie Magdeline (Grunty Helper)

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    Name: Maggie Magdeline (pronounced like Madeline, but with "Mag")
    Gender: Female
    Age: Approximately 19-20 years old
    Appearance: Pending, but has short hair and wears a half shirt and a skirt with long socks and boots.

    Maggie is the enthusiastic helper to help raising your Grunty. You can normally find her at the Grunty Ranch, walking near the entrance. She appears in every town and each new town you visit, she will always have something new to say (usually new tips, new findings, or events). Normally, she gives you information on what type of plants are found in any area. She also sells plants and various foods for Grunties, but be prepared to pay a little hefty price for them.

    In rare cases, she will spawn near fertile areas with plants. She will mention that she is trying to hurry up to take the plants back to town. If you defeat all the monsters in the field, she will mention that you defeated all the monsters and it has made her job easier. She will give you a rare plant item as a thank you.
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