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Discussion in 'Character Creator' started by Tonku, May 15, 2015.

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  1. Tonku

    Tonku Member

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    6:40 PM
    2015-05-15 20.08.58.jpg
    I wanted to see some creature npcs the most so I doodled one up while I'm at work.
    Here's a little tu tribe styled lucky cat (beast race) npc maybe?
    I imagine there would be a chance game and you can either get a ticket for a draw and win prizes and it would all be by chance.
    Hence the lucky cat. I'm at work and have no pencil crayons or anything but he would by calico colored with white as his base color.
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  2. Tom Badguy

    Tom Badguy Active Member Senior Member

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    4:40 PM
    Pretty cool stuff, yo. I like it.
  3. Quine

    Quine Well-Known Member Senior Member

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    8:40 PM
    That's a Good design for a NPC. I would like to (Lose all my money on a Bet.) Play some luck games.
  4. Arkayle

    Arkayle Well-Known Member Backer Descendants of Raiden

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    5:40 PM
    I think this is an awesome idea- it also leans towards the cartoony- "we don't take ourselves super seriously but this is a serious game" style. I really enjoy it!
  5. CorePlaysMCNMore

    CorePlaysMCNMore Member

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    6:40 PM
    I think it looks pretty cool, I'd like to see a bunch of these guys in a future version, maybe like in Dol Donna from the GU series and Gaspard. Like they can run the shops with uniforms matching what they sell.

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