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Discussion in 'Character Creator' started by Quine, Jan 29, 2015.

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  1. Quine

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    "Behind that Soft Meat, shining Skin and Sweet Blood... There is a Beast! a Beast that wants to rob us of our wings and plumes..." [Avian Monsters opinion about Felicia. Cat Bat Council]
    Felicia is a NPC that Studies Avian Monsters [Any monster that have wings...] She is fanatic for Avian monsters and... she is so fanatic, that they avoid her! she would give the Player some Keywords and a Quest. [All of them related to Avian Monsters.] she lives on a City...[ I don't remember the name, and since the main website is on reformulation... i can't go and take a look... i'll edit.]
    As for Colors... most of it would be green and yellow.
    Her "Wave Symbols?" would all be green.
    Like this post if you like the idea...
    And also, i am not very good at drawing as you can see... my drawing is not so clean... but hey! it's good to have some general idea about the character.
    And i don't have a Scanner... soooo... i had to take a photo with my cellphone's camera...

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  2. MoogleMorphosis

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    I do like the idea, though I`m wondering how many avian monsters we really have, and how many in the end we intend to. .3. I`d hate to imagine things be going by like pokemon. Like, at the beginning, a dragonite was so rare that it was stunning, and now, there are so many more, that seemed to not have been implied.
  3. Jakster

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    so...an avian monster fanatic. So, what do you think the role she would play in the world would be? A repeatable quest giver? A daily quest giver? Something totally different? I always like seeing concept art for various things. It makes me wonder what they could contribute to the game they would be applied to.

    Anyways, well done and your art isn't bad. Everyone just has their own style. Could it be refined? totally! but that goes for everyone. Everyone can change and morph their art if they want to no matter how good.
  4. Quine

    Quine Well-Known Member Senior Member

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    Her role would be Quest Giver. Repeatable and Daily, i expect that as long as you complete the quests, she'll keep improving her Studies...
  5. Stalwart_as_the_Mount

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    could be one of those daily one that gives an exp boost item and as you level it changes what you get and the quest get more difficult to make it seem like things are moving along in her studies
  6. Quine

    Quine Well-Known Member Senior Member

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    Here it Is. She would be the MONTHLY quest Dealer, the gains would be: Intel on Fields full of Avian monsters.
    At the end of the most difficult of her quests, A Pair of Darkness Crow wings.
    How would she work: The difficulty of the Quests wouldn't be Progressive, since in a research, there is some easy points, and some hard points. So, there won't ALWAYS have Challenge, but when the challenge comes... brace yourself[It would be something about facing Pidgecula![Pidgeon version of Dracula]]
    Dialogues, she would ALWAYS try to explain EVERYTHING about her research, she would talk some scary things like its... Scary things. She has something with the word: Kuru. [Which is the sound that a bird that she keeps as pet for researching purposes.] So, 60% of her phrases would end with Kuru, and she would praise you with some strange version of Kuru.
    "THANK YOU! you're so Kurugenous. Hey, thanks! That'll help me a lot! you're Kurutle [Kuru+Gentle]"
    Rewards: Strange equips... Anti-Avian Weapons with cool skills on them. A Avian Pet[Not her Kurubird...] A Pair of Darkness crow Wings. Set of Armor. A LOT OF POTIONS AND MONEY. And, if you done lots of service for her, and you PK'ed someone, she'll find some way to take the bounty of you [Maybe something related to politics and bribe?]
    Of course, there'll be lots of things that she'll give you for helping her.

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