[Monster] Seductive Nine-Tails

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    Type: Hybrid (Cross between Demon and Beastmen)
    Location: Mid-High Level (If the max level of the game is 50, then lets say the level range for this one is 30-35)
    Found in fire and dark fields.

    Seductive Nine-Tails are born from the unfilled desires of lovers who die tragically in The World. Their goal is to feed their never-ending hunger, and they target whatever humanoid stands before them, whether they are female or male.

    Appearance: Naked human female being with nine golden furry tails. One of their tails curls up to cover their breasts, and another tail curls downward to cover their crotch. Has short, sharp nails (size of a house cat). Has short golden hair with golden fox ears with white tips on top. Eyes are shaped like a cat and are a blood red. Has an evil smile with very tiny fangs sticking out.

    Idle animation: Floats around while standing up sometimes. Floats while sitting and yawning and stretching.

    Attack animation: Floats towards player while sitting in the air. Occasionally beckons the player to come to her using her finger and laughs. When attacking player, uses claws, and shows red claw marks in the animation.

    Attack Type:
    The attack type of this monster is fast and fatal with a little increase in evasion, but poor defense.

    Alluring Perfume-Blows powder from her hand onto party members, with a chance of them being in a 'haze' and slowing movement speed, attack speed, and skill casting.
    Maneater-Grabs the player on both sides below the shoulders and bites towards their heart. Has the chance to fatally kill the player if the player's max hp is below 20 percent.
    Enticing Kiss-Blows a kiss to the player, has a chance to redirect all attacks to a different player.
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    ~ By posting my art here I acknowledge that developers of IridiumBased may use the material for their products. I am posting to give my creative support in aiding the development of their games. I by no means am demanding credit or compensation for my idea and art to IridiumBased. Finally by submitting these images I am stating that this is my own work, not the work of others.

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