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    Type: Animal (Description would suggest Hybrid, but the attacks and affinity leans more towards animal)
    Location: Low level (1-5), found in forests or grasslands.

    The Grabbit is a cross between a Goblin and a Rabbit. When come across, these little guys can appear cute and harmless, but that's just their weapon to fool you and bite you.

    Appearance: A rabbit that is the size of a goblin. Stands on hind legs and hops like a kangaroo. Has long ears like a goblin and large fangs. Eyes are blood-red. Fur is a grayish-white. Has a small green tunic-like top on.

    Idle appearance: Hops around with a closed mouth as if it was smiling.

    Attack appearance: Eyes shine bright and bites. The mouth opens nearly half of its body.

    Event appearance: During Halloween and Festival of Elements, you can occassionally see some with a green top hat, with holes on the top for the ears.
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