[Monster] Enigmatic Moth

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    Type: Insect
    Location: Low level (1-5) (Skill casting if a level 3-5 area), found in forests(commonly) or grasslands(uncommonly, but more powerful)

    Not much is known about these gigantic moths, and they are pretty common in The World. Normally camouflaged in the forests, these moths have a poker face in their wings. They feed on the blood of other creatures, just like a mosquito. However, they tend to "sniff" out humanoids better than the other creatures...

    Appearance: Size of a regular bat. Wings are shaped like a butterfly, but the texture is similiar to a peacock feather. On the top of its wings it has white circles with black dots resembling eyes. Wing color changes depending on the element type of the field.

    Idle appearance: Flaps around slowly, drops puffs on the ground as it is flying. Tries to head to the nearest obstacle to try and hide itself.

    Attack appearance: Mid-range attacker. Element attack type depending on the element of the field. Spreads wings and attacks using light rays (that correspond to the color of the wings). Highly accurate, but does low damage.

    Skills: Vampire Itch (Tackles and sucks the blood of the nearest player. This causes the player to lose some HP and the moth absorbs the HP. Can cause the slow status for the player, meaning acting slow in actions and moving slow due to blood loss.)

    Skills: Pompon Fluff (Flutters wings and transparent puffs drops around fellow monsters. This causes the monsters to slowly regenerate HP.)
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