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Discussion in 'Art Gallery' started by Kisaragi Lin, Feb 15, 2016.

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    Thread Post 15/2/2016
    I hope this is where this is goes. Alright so i made some menu icons and panels let me know which one you guys are feeling good about and i'll begin to make more of that particular style for everything, from here i will proceed on to character menus, bag menus, shop menus, dialogue boxes and etc. I work fast so you can expect them to be done by the middle of April.

    I will be leaving in a few hours and wont be back to post until the 26th of February as this week is an especially long "confinement week" for me in the military. Feel free to post suggestions on this thread, i will update this when i am back!

    Moving forward from there i will give my insights on how to i can help in creating zones or maps and give feedback about the overall aesthetic or art direction(you don't need high polygons or HD textures to make a pretty game, many tricks can be used to give off a polish look). But thats a thread for another time, although if anyone is keen to read what i have to say i can make a quick write up on the topic before i leave in a few hours.

    Other Upcoming Content: Pyramid Textures and Hedge textures
    Quick Update 15/2/2016: I completed the hedge textures as fast as i could before i leave. To be honest i didn't know where to start, i'm not sure if this is acceptable but here you go. For the grass its on loop sideways, and as for the texture i made sure they look clean even if copy pasted together. i'll probably come up with more variations when i get back, this is all i have for now.

    Bottom(with grass): http://imgur.com/hPMXRGN
    Overall: http://imgur.com/Frz915x

    Extra Stuff: This is probably way way too advanced for me but i'll be trying my hand in creating a animated HP/MP bar. What is this? Well, if any of you play League of legends they have animated Health bars with a pretty flow effect. If anyone in the forum is knowledgeable in this i'd gladly take some advice or if you're up to the task go ahead and make it in my place! This probably may or may not happen. but i'll see what i can do!

    Heres what it can potentially look like

    Update 27/2/2016
    I'm back! so i have somewhat finalized the menu design i'm going to go for, it still looks quite bland to me but the overall concept is there.

    The icons for Equipment, Social, Adventure Journal and Item box will probably get changed into an armor icon, people icon, book icon and a sword and armor on the side of the box respectively, tell me if you guys like it. when you click on it, it opens up into the menu of the image below showing an example of settings. Its not much because i'm very tired but i'll slowly work towards more stuff :(.

    Here's the breakdown
    Equipment will be what your character is wearing, your stats and durability
    Social would be your Party menu, Guild menu and Friends list and Block/Ignore list
    The Box icon represents Inventory or Item Storage, this is where you see your currencies, and items and crafting materials all of which i will create separate tabs for, this also applies to the social menus.
    Adventure journal is where you view your story quests, side quests, monster guide and boss guide as well as your world map
    Settings are video,audio and key binds, which i will also separate into tabs.
    One icon which is missing from the menu is the skill tree button! i'm going to go crazy on skill designs so i'm saving that for last.

    Main Navigation which opens when you press Tab or ESC. minimalist design and simple so screen does not get covered with stuff making space for skill bars/monster telegraphs etc overall slick design very... Apple iPhone(har har).

    When you click on settings another menu opens up while the settings menu floats to the top and the other icons disappear.
    Credits to Azure for the screenshot of his character in-game in order to showcase the menu transparency,which i took from this thread:


    Future things to come would be a nice looking chat box one that makes you feel like you're using one of those smart phone messaging apps i feel that would really add to the futuristic and modern feel, also skills! Have a nice day!

    Update 25/7/2016

    I tried to do some 3D modeling, heres the simple monster i came up with.

    File can be downloaded and used/modified however you like.
    Link to the STL file: https://mega.nz/#!js9DjYDS!5xSGLGCetTCOivUUaec_fEkZkvbkz3mLXjAo2Qudjgs
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  2. Keramory

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    Looks great! Will deffinetly have some maze stuff to show when you get back! As for the UI we are looking for a futuristic UI panel style (see through) and we'll get more on oyu about that when you get back, definitely like the style though! As for the animated HP bars...that does look like a cool idea! There was discussion however for the MP/TP bar to make it hexagon energy bars (think infamous electricity). Heres the button thread:

    Thanks for the hard work! Cant wait to use the hedges!
  3. flamedog

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    Right Right.... Forgot this was HexagpnBased :p
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  4. calmchaos

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    Wow, you do work fast.

    For the animated bars, I'm pretty sure all the artist has to do is make all the PNGs for it while the programmer makes it animated. Because the only other way I know of that has the animations in the file itself would be using GIFs, but the quality would suffer as a result. I'm certain League uses PNGs and programming to make that happen though.

    Unspecified had some cool idea starters a while back for the UI/HUD, if you want to check that out.
    That's partly where we draw the conclusion that we'd like a more futuristic approach to the UI and stuff.

    Thanks for taking the time to do all this though. We seriously appreciate it.
  5. Kisaragi Lin

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    Updated! See you guys next week!
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  6. calmchaos

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    Oh. I really like those. Like really, really like them. Excellent work.

    I can just imagine it now. Pressing Esc and the screen darkens a bit with that menu coming up. Then clicking the Settings icon to see it move up-left, and the settings menu unfold from the icon. Ah. This is really great.
  7. Kisaragi Lin

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    I am very glad to hear that! please look forward to more! :D:D:D
  8. TokioKuryuu

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    These designs made me drool. Please, do more! I'll be looking forward to it.

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