maybe ... three new daggers xD

Discussion in 'Weapon Creator!' started by Elfic Angel, Jan 27, 2015.

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  1. Elfic Angel

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    Hello, here I am again bringing something I created in a free moment ^^

    Well, I'll start talking about the first dagger, that it "painted" green.
    You remember the "mantislasher"? as it is. this is a downgraded version of it ... I used the same dagger and she became more simplistic. Not much to say about it ... particularly, I prefer the "mantislaher" ... but I know that there are members with diverse tastes.

    Let's talk about the second, that "painted" black.
    When I was creating it, a friend of mine told me that slightly resembled a feather. So I thought I'd name it the "Ravenger" (Raven + Revenger) because remember a black feather ... It's a dagger with dark element properties.

    the third was the last creation of my creative time ...
    is a common dagger that resembles a Kris, put the tip of the handhold I put another laminated edge.

    is not as good, but I tried to scratch some details along the blade (my brother called these details of veins T^T)

    As always, I hope you enjoyed ^^ and I am waiting for the opinion of all concerned the names, ideas for skills, etc.


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  2. Quine

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    Well, i think that your Mantispawn is lacking on colors... it would be more like a Mantis pawn... if it had some yellow color on some spots...

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