Masque of the Harvest

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    ?~Masque of the Harvest~

    Lore: It is a common saying on The World that in order to attain true wisdom one must look both behind and ahead of oneself at the same time. The Masque of the Harvest is an ancient tradition across all races in The World. It is a festival that is held every year in the honor of both Yeva, the God of life, and Graves, the God of death. The festival serves two purposes; a celebration of the end of the fall harvest, and the honoring of the dearly departed. At the Masque of the Harvest festival, you are invited to join the feasting and merrymaking. You are also encouraged to remember those who came before you and wear masks in their honor. It is a time of gratitude for both the people we have known, and continued prosperity in the year to come. It is a time of year to revel in the promise of the future, reflect on the path that has led you there, and remember the friends you have left behind. So grab some food. Grab a mask. Then join us at the festivities!

    NPC Interaction Text:

    1.) Come to buy a mask for the festival? I’ve got a good selection.

    Oh that’s a spooky one!!! (Upon buying) – (mask vendor)

    2.) Spirits? Only in my tankard! (male partygoer)

    3.) That’s a cool mask! (If masked) - (child partygoer)

    You aren’t cool if you don’t have a mask! (If maskless)

    4.) My mask is cooler than yours. (male partygoer)

    5.) Isn’t this a great party!? (female party goer)

    6.) I’m worried about those elementals over there. Most of the drink here is flammable. (male partygoer)

    7.) I can’t wait for the dance later (female partygoer)

    8.) I’m allowed up past my bedtime JUST this once…. (child partygoer)

    9.) I’ll always love you Mr. Fluffykins! (child partygoer)

    10.)The spirits are always restless during the festival. IS THAT A GHOST BEHIND YOU?!?! Ha, I guess not. (male partygoer)

    11.)They say that you can channel the spirits through masks. Do you think that’s true? (female partygoer)

    12.)My mask is very mysterious don’t you think? (male partygoer)

    13.)Some masks may have special hidden traits to them! How terrifying!

    14.)What can I get you? (female food vendor)

    (Joke partygoers)

    15.)Is that you Laura? Well as I was saying, you need to tell Jennifer that you’re gonna slap the skank out of her if you ever catch her anywhere near your man again. (female partygoer)

    16.)Isn’t he dreamy? Or at least, I think that’s him. Or is it him? (female partygoer)

    Possible Questlines:

    1.) Male partygoer: Hey there. Would you like this mask? I don’t need it anymore.... (gives a mask)

    (while wearing mask) Old Lady: AAAAAAGH! That mask is cursed!!! You’re terribly cursed now! Oh how terrible for you. This terribleness will never end unless you undo this horrible affliction laid upon you! I know of only one person who can do this. You need to see Professor Mort in (insert root town). He’ll know what to do about this diabolical catastrophe.

    Professor Mort: No don't say it. You've come about the mask. It's as plain as day friend. Yes. It's simply hideous and doesn't match your outfit............
    Talk to Professor Mort again: And it's put a curse on you too I suppose. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do about this. Yes it’s terminal. And messy. In fact, until further notice you need to stand at least a forty yard radius away from me and any other innocents.

    Talk to Professor Mort AGAIN: What part of forty yards don't you understand? I’m sorry but there’s really nothing you can do about it. You’re definitely doomed to spontaneous head explosion. I’ll say a prayer at the festival later after the turkey. There isn’t anything you can do… wait…. That might… no….. yes but…. no… yes…. nooooooo………….. …….. YES! THAT’S IT!!!! That COULD work. At the very least it may minimize the collateral. Now to get to it…..
    Step one. Get a helmet.

    (Upon finding a helmet from nearby outside his library) Professor Mort: Good job, friend. What? I never said it would help YOU. This is for splatter control. Now…..
    Step two. Time to get rid of that curse. Alright, you need to get something very rare to break this. It won’t be easy. You have to get yourself a Pristine Mirror. Once done come back here and we can proceed from there. Now get going. Clock’s ticking.

    (Back at the festival) Festival Merchant: I found this beautiful mirror just laying around here earlier. I could part with it for a price though…

    (With the mirror) Professor Mort: YOU MADE IT!?!?! I mean *cough* you made it. Do you have the mirror? Wow. I guess it was easier than I thought. Never mind that. Let me light some candles and draw a pentagram and we can start the ritual. No it won’t help break the curse. DON’T QUESTION WHAT I DO IN MY OWN HOME.

    (Talk to him again) Professor Mort: Oh all right we can start now if it means that much to you. You’re no fun. Look into the mirror. Take a deep breath. Stare into your own eyes through the mask. And … look out!

    (a ghost appears and attacks the adventurer) Professor Mort: Quickly! It’s tied to the mirror now! Break it now!

    (uses mirror in inventory to banish ghost. Both the mirror and the mask break) Professor Mort: And that’s that. No no don’t thank me. I’ll be seeing you again. IN THE WORLD OF THE BEYOND.




    Just go.

    Player is left with the mirror. It is called Haunted Mirror. It can summon a ghost pet or something.

    2.) Lonely Masked Child: …………………………

    (upon speaking to him again) Lonely Masked Child: ………………………..

    (upon speaking to him again) Lonely Masked Child: …………………………

    (upon speaking to him again) Lonely Masked Child: ………………………… (Hands you a mask)

    (when you read the mask description) Lonely Mask: This mask makes you feel sad for some reason you can't explain.

    The Lonely Child disappears at this point in the game. (if that’s possible)

    This can be the start of a very long yearly quest that people can start this year that will eventually lead the player to learn that the child is in fact dead and wants you to go through a series of events to put it at rest, eventually earning you a cool one on one with Graves himself at the end and leaving the player with a unique item.
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    Panda Note 10/9/14: This is what I banged out tonight. It's got lore, dialogue, and some possible quests to do. The second quest isn't fleshed out. It's also probably too complex to implement this year but you can tell me if you want me to have at it tomorrow. I'll have to proofread it better tomorrow too. Please share your feedback and ideas about this cool festival! Tell me if the lore part is good as is so I can post it in the forums. That would be neat.

    Panda Note 10/10/14: Fixed up the lore section. Thanks for the input. Changed part of the old woman's dialogue. The lore is cleaner. I guess that's it. Tell me if there's anything more or any more quests that we might want to add so I can bang them out.
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    Haha like it. I actually didn't think of npc's other then the shop keepers, good call. Only issue is I dont know if we have children npc's yet...siegfre will have to double check. That or Elk can make them.
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    Since you made those last two phrases into infinitives, the semicolon should be changed to a colon. Either that, or you can change it so that both parts are able to stand on their own, so that a semicolon works. The former is a lot less work though.

    If you want to keep the "At" part of this sentence, then everything after the comma needs to revolve around the who rather than what. For example, ". . ., parygoers take part in great feasting and merrymaking." Ooooooooor, you can eliminate the "At," comma, and "it" to fix the sentence. Right now, the two parts just don't add up properly.

    This sentence is just fine, but I personally feel that you could give it a bit more action by changing that last part to ", wearing masks in their honor." Gerund phrases are a great way to add life into lore without needing a set person doing the action.

    This sentence is somewhat confusing. There isn't a separation between the prosperity and gratitude, so you don't understand what's being said until you finish the sentence and think about it. One way you can remedy this is by putting a comma after "known," deleting "and," and adding "a time of" before "continued." That should create the separation of ideas.

    You've used "time" too much by now. A new noun is necessary. My suggestion would be "This holiday revels in the promise of the future, reflecting on the paths taken thus far, a reminder of friends new and old."
    In that suggestion, I replaced left behind with new and old because you've been working that whole past+future motif this entire time, yet there the past was somewhat heavier.

    The lore is really good. I like the whole life/death, future/past gist you've got going on.
    I absolutely love all the dialogue. That goes especially for the Professor. It's perfect.
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    This is what you get when you write drunk. Thanks. I'll proofread later today.

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