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Discussion in 'Events' started by calmchaos, Mar 10, 2014.

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    Welcome back to the AIDA Games! After the long wait, we have come back bigger and badder. Simply look below to find the first of many original and entertaining challenges. May the odds be ever in your flavor.

    Challenge One
    1. Pick your favorite character. It may be from any book, movie, anime, comic, manga, or game in existence, but I must be able to find it with a simple Google search. Feel free to leave a link.
    2. Choose one and only one of this character's abilities. OHKO's are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, Death Notes, the Reaper Death Seal, and Geass.
    3. Post your character and ability in the submission thread. I will accept no repeats, so be sure to check the thread before posting your submission. First come, first serve.
    The winner will be decided based on two factors: a dice roll under specific conditions that I will not state (using this website http://rolz.org/), and a conversation between Crim and I to decide bonus points. The bonus points will come before the roll, being no more than 10, so it will not decide your place entirely. Think of it as a tourney bracket, so choose your fighter well. (Crim, you may participate, but I will choose your bonus points.)
    Challenge Two
    1. Invent your own character. I will be looking for certain aspects, so be sure to at least come up with the following:
      • a name
      • a visual design
        (You may draw it or use a picture you like off the net. It will not be graded from an artistic approach, so feel free to use either. I just want some sort of graphic to understand what your character looks like.)
      • a purpose or goal
        (i.e. Why does ___ exist? What does ___ want to accomplish?)
      • a history
        (How did ___ get to the present? Anything peculiar happen during ___'s life?)
      • a unique trait
        (How is this character different from any other character in existence?)
    2. Pick a genre for your character. (Sci-fi, fantasy, steam punk, apocalyptic, etc...)
    3. Tell me why your character is the best. Convince me.
    Three factors will decide your place. I will grade #1 based on originality. For #2, I will use random.org to select a point total for each genre, and that total will be added to your character. (Hey, I love adding a bit of luck to these challenges.) Lastly, #3 will be judged on how convinced I am. My suggestion is that you try really hard on #3, but, if you attempt to bribe me, I'll rip your heart out and throw it to the nearest grunty for a midnight snack. Choose your method wisely. (HINT: #1 is the most important factor)​

    Challenge Three
    1. Take all of the letters composing each character name mentioned in the two previous challenges.
    2. Make me a paragraph out of those letters.
      • Each sentence must logically follow the one preceding it.
      • No letter may be used more than the number of times it appears.
      • Pick a one or two themes. I don't want a mash-up of horror, comedy, medical, mystery, and any other random themes you can just so happen to fit in the paragraph.
      • You may talk about anything at all using any words you deem necessary. That is, so long as it does not violate the forum rules.
    Put simply, my favorite sentence wins.​

    Submit here: http://forum.iridiumbased.com/threads/march-2014-aida-game-submissions.1885/

    Good luck!
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  2. Crim

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    Yea, I get to be judge and play!

    Also, Yea AIDA Games are back.

    Also, Im totally taking advantage of my forum powers by making this spam post in a locked thread!

    Also, that is all...
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  3. Crim

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    I Stickied it, feel free to unstick it. But I thought it was just too hard to find.
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