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    I keep putting Lore off but I'm going to use the main Lore from our current Lore...and edit it around as needed, or add more detail where I can. Also I have two Quotes you can turn into latin if you want :p
    "Before life... there was Aura,
    ...and before death... there was Luna."
    -Lost Poet of Old
    "No one knows how these twin sisters were created, all mankind does know is how through them, all else was born."
    - A Traveling Wiseman

    Before the Begining
    Long ago, before The World was formed, twin goddess appeared from nothing. Their names were Aura, the older and more elegant of the two, and then there was Luna, one who unlike her sister, enjoyed destruction and chaos.
    These goddesses enjoyed to play throughout the emptiness of -space-, however over time it was told they sought to settle down within the cosmos and create a place of their own to call home. Thus was the creation of The World.

    Over time within this empty world, the twin goddesses grew tired of just playing with one another, so they decided to create others to play with.
    Thus was first known creation.
    These first known creatures, known as the Undying, were truly frightening figures. Even still, they were nothing compared to the power of their creators.
    The goddesses soon populated the world with their soulless yet powerful presence. The goddess Aura quickly grew bored with these new creations and became distant,
    ...while Luna on the other hand, showed great interest in them as they grew.

    The Undying
    Without rules and order, nor the creation of death within this world, the Undying began to plauge every inch of The World.
    Luna began encouraging the Undying to fight among one another with delight and true bloodlust within her heart. However without the rule of death within this world, the Undying consumed the defeated and became more and more powerful with each battle. Not only this, but their intelligence as well.
    Thankful of their new bodies and minds, the new generation of Undying viewed Luna as their mother and goddess, eventually worshiping her alone. Soon the Undying created their own civilization due to their continuation of growth..and then soon after, an empire which engulfed The World.
    At some point, Aura viewed the Undying as a threat to herself and her sister, but Luna ignored the warnings, claiming that her sister was jealous. Aura grew distant yet again and faded back as the Undying continued their growth.

    The Threat
    Soon after, the Undying grew confident in their growing strength. Positive they could challenge the Goddess herself, they casted her apart from their empire and way of life.
    Enraged from this rejection, Luna attacked the Undying in a fury. However their combined strength was a match for even her, resulting in the goddess to retreat.
    Luna, defeated, confused, and scared... fled to her sister, whose wisdom expected this uprising long before it had. Even though being ignored after warning her younger twin sister, Aura aided Luna. The goddesses combined their power and went to war with the Undying. Even as might and powerful as the Undying were, they were no match for the sisters combined strength. It did not take long for the goddesses wrath to wipe out almost all of the Undying from the face of The World.

    A Second Try
    Tired from exausting so much power in the Undying War, Aura and Luna looked upon their battle scared world. Taking the lessons they learned from the Undying, the twin goddesses created two gods, as well as their lovers, to give creation a second try.
    Aura created the God of Life, known as Adonis to recreate The World with beauty and life. The God of Life is said to have the traits of his creator, with a fierce loyalty second to none.
    Her sister created at the same time, the God of Death, Graves to keep in check the life Adonis creates so this world doesn't become overpopulated again. Graves, being a creation of Luna, shared similar traits of his creator as well.
    Thus was the creation of life and death.

    Gods and Deities
    As the sisters rested, Adonis ascended to the sky and created several elemental deities to give different forms of life to this broken world. He created
    Titan, the deity of Earth, to reform the lands as he saw fit.
    Flora, the deity of Wood and Wind, to give the world beauty and wildlife
    Nix, the deity of Water, who created oceans and lakes, and feed the creations Flora made.
    Ifrit, the deity of Fire, to give The World passion and strength from below
    and Raiden, the deity of Thunder, to give The World passion and strength from above.
    While Adonis governed above, Graves went below the earths soil to give make sure all that touches the ground will one day reside back into it. He created his own diety, just one, to walk the earth above and make sure no one cheats death.
    She became known as Morrigan, the Deity of Darkness, the last and final of the deities.


    New Life
    Soon after the creation of deities, new life began to form across The World. Many unique creatures arose from the ground, which became known as the great races.
    The first race was known as the Phoenix. Beautiful flying bird like creatures in which possessed great power and wisdom. It is said that Adonis created the Phoenix in the image of his lover and goddess, Aura. Powerful in the art of flames in particular, a Phoenix can be seen across the mountains.
    Then there was the creation of the Grunties. These creatures were weaker than all else. However they were highly intelligent. Using their great minds and creative ability, they to create their own civilization, more advanced than anything ever known within The World.
    Soon after there was the creation of the Leviathan, a powerful race that resided in the oceans and lakes who always kept to themselves. They were by far the largest races and most dangerous to those who wandered too close to the depths of their waters. It is said even a baby Leviathan could alone occupy a whole root town with its unfathomable mass.
    Lastly, there was the creation of the Elves. They were weak race with average intellect that appeared from the plains and other low grounds. What they lacked in power and intelligence, they made up with kindness and curiosity. They grew rapidly throughout The World. Aware of their weaknesses, they were granted large ears that could hear from long distances, to warn them of dangers from far away.

    Tensions rising
    Due to the vast largeness of The World, each race kept to themselves in their own areas created by the deities and gods. The Leviathan had their seas, the Phoenix its skies, and the Grunties unsalable mountains known as Dun Loireag.
    The elves were left with forests and plains, and they were content with such a simple life style for a long period of time. All was well within The World.
    However soon the elves grew bored of their simple life style due of their adventurous nature, and began to travel across The World in search of other races to befriend them, leaving their home, Lia Fail, behind.
    Despite the Elves innocent intentions, the other races were territorial and hostile aside from the Grunties, who viewed the elves as simplistic creatures to pity and teach.
    The Leviathan and Phoenix races began attacking wandering elves, killing them in cold blood as they got too near. The Leviathan, more aggressive of the two, pleaded to whom they worshiped, Nix, to destroy the small town of Mac Anu created by the elves. Nix agreed, and flooded the town, killing every elf that lived there.
    Horrified by such barbaric behavior, the Grunties created for the Elves, the Chaos Gate. This device allowed instant travel to any location within The World. This would ensure a quick escape incase danger in such a magnitude again hit the poor Elves. The Elves grateful for such a gift, adored the Grunties and aided them in man power and strength.
    The Phoenix was enraged by this, the Chaos Gate allowing the elves to travel to high locations and discover their dens. The final straw was broken for the bird race when the Grunties technology grew so advance, they created a city above the clouds, later to be known as Fort Ouph. They took this as an invasion and planned their attack, for now creature lower than the Phoenix may rise above them…something such a noble race could never allow.
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    The Great War
    The Phoenix declared war on the Grunty race and soon after the great fire birds attacked the Grunty city, Fort Ouph. The battle lasted several weeks, until the Elves arrived to return the Grunties kindness over the past years. Over powered due to the Elves numbers, armed with Grunty technology the Phoenix retreated.
    The Phoenix out of options, swallowed its pride and began seeking the aid of the Leviathan, who agreed to aid the bird race for the time being. The two strongest races have now joined forces against the Grunty and the Elf.
    Thus the Great War ensured, battles all over The World raged on for decades. Despite various pleas from each race, the gods and deities remained silent and watched, remaining neutral to any side. One god however, was furious as the battles raged on.
    For you see, even though the Grunties and Elves were clearly more advanced in number and weapons, they were still barley holding on. They in any normal situation, should have easily won the war.
    However the Leviathan, whom swam across the sea... and the Phoenix who flew above The World managed to cheat death due to the necessary need to touch the ground. This forced the Grunties and Elf races to take the defensive stance throughout the years.
    Graves ordered the deity Morrigan to aid the Elves and Grunies. With the deity of darkness wraping her cold embrace around those who challenged her, the Elves and Grunties finally had a foot hold on the war.
    Even still as the war raged on, either side seemed to rise above the other for too long. The Phoenix and the Leviathan begged the other deities throughout the years to aid them as Morrigan has aided their enemies. Finally two deities replied to their pleas, Raiden and Ifrit...the more aggressive of their elemental brothers and sisters.
    With Raiden aiding the Phoenix in the skies with his lightning, and Ifrit aiding the Leviathan on the ground with its tremendous inferno, the other side were quickly wiped away from the The World.
    Soon the The World was so battle scarred it was unrecognizable. Titan and Flora tried their best to restore The World with their powers, but soon even they could not keep up with the chaos that continued to consume The World. The two deities began pleading to Adonis for aid.
    Giving up on orders from his goddess, Adonis came down from the land and seperated the Phoenix and Leviathan from the other races. Granting the Phoenix skies so high no technology can reach them, and Leviathan seas so deep no breath can be held to reach them.
    This was the end of the Great War.

    The End of the Phoenix and Leviathan
    Over time the Phoenix and the Leviathan grew more powerful and acient as their seclusion kept them from Death. Soon they became so powerful they thought themselves as gods...for even the deity of darkness could not pursue them. They eventually began plotting using their unfathomable powers and turning it against The World and make it to become theirs. Without Death in check, the events of the Undying were certain to renew.
    Before the two races could begin their plot, the God of Death, Graves eventually grew furious and arose from the ground himself.
    He cursed Adonis for allowing this to happen as he ripped the wings off of the Phoenix and froze the waters of the Leviathan, subjecting them finally, to the death they deserved as he went back into the ground.
    To those who survived, Graves sent Morrigan to warp the two races into what are now known as the ancestors of monsters.
    Considered the servents of death, who exist to collect the souls of others...in hopes of repaying the god of the death the lives Graves was robbed from, praying on being reverted back to the proud races they once were.
    Adonis wept over his creations, but knew Graves actions to be justified. However to keep the same thing from happening again, the god of life took back the Grunty's intelligence and the ears of the Elves...hoping this would end all wars among one another.

    An empty victory indeed for rhe Grunties and Elves. They were greatly weakened, and viciously attacked by monsters over and over until they fell back to their safe Root Towns. The towns being the Elves only haven, over hundreds of years they evolved into what is now known as the Humans.
    Eventually they discovered the ancient gift from the Grunties, the Chaos Gate. Using this even up till today, the Humans are able to travel to different parts of The World, in hopes of discovering more of their lost heritage.

    Return of the Twins
    After many years of the birth of the Humans, the Goddesses returned onto The World with their powers restored and their interest anewed. Interestingly enough, it was Aura who found the Humans far more interesting than anything else to ever be created.
    She walked among them and guided them along their journeys. In return, a cathedral was built in her honor, located the middle of the most populated city, Carmina Gadelica.
    Adonis, overjoyed with the return of Aura and pleased with the Humans in their worship of her love, ordered the Deities to teach the Humans the power of the Waves. Humans now became more powerful with the power of magic at their side. The next several years became known as the Twilight Years for The World.

    A Goddess Jealousy
    Luna, who traveled among the monsters due to their nature more like hers, began to notice the Humans praise of her older sister. Growing slowly more jealous, she tried to integrate with the Humans like her sister, ordering a large group of monsters to bring her to their city.
    This scene caused a panic with the Humans who did not know this new Goddess. They only knew the sight of monsters and attacked her and her servants. Being attacked for a second time by her creations, Luna grew outraged and responded by sending Morrigan into a small settlement to destroy it. The Deity of darkness obeyed and wiped out the settlement, now known as the Lost Grounds of Despair. Even to this day no one dares wander near the cursed land.
    Its said survivors of the attack watched and learned the powers of Morrigan, creating a cult of darkness among Wavemasters. Unknown to all years later the growth in dark magic will cause a split between Wavemasters and what is now to be known as the Clerics.
    Aura learned of the incident quickly and attempted to correct the miscommunication. However it was too late in trying to cheer up her hurt sister. Luna grew cold towards the Humans, but allowed the small cult of Dark Wavemasters, the Reapers to worship her.
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    The Reapers
    The Reapers became more and more powerful using the most powerful and mysterious of magic, Darkness. Other Humans grew scared of the cult and banished the Reapers to their own Temple, the Dark Spiral. As a present, Luna gave onto the Reapers the power to control beasts. With this new power, the reapers formed a large army and attacked wandering travelers.
    Soon the Humans begged Aura for help of this new threat, and she complied by sending Adonis down to stop the suffering of her beloved people. Adonis quickly destroyed the Reapers as they advanced, and appeared in front of the Dark Spiral for one last chance to surrender.
    The Reapers laughed in the gods face, stating the only one to fear is Luna, and how those who follow her dark instincts shall be protected. However she did not come as Adonis sealed away the Dark Spiral into a lost land to never uncovered again.

    Forbidden Love
    Luna grew angry and ordered Graves to set an example of what happened to her beloved Reapers.
    Obeying, Graves returned to the surface for the first time in centuries. He soon tracked down Adonis, who was still within The World hunting down surviving reapers. There he confronted him and they battled. The land shook and was torn apart, but in the end Graves sealed away Adonis in the same manner Adonis sealed Luna’s Spiral. Graves did not return to the ground after the battle due to injuries, and wandered the earth disguised as a human until he was able to recover.
    Aura, unaware of what happened to her lover, searched far and wide for her. However she never found him. Returning to her temple she met the disguised human, Graves. Graves living in darkness never saw such light and beauty from anything in his long existence. As quickly as his eyes gazed upon her, his heart was hers.
    Graves reveled himself and offered to help search with Aura her lost love, known all along where Adonis was. With his manipulative and devious nature, Aura even with her grand wisdom fell in love with the dark god. Eventually he convinced Aura that prehaps Luna killed the god of life. Aura considered this but waited for her sister to find peace within herself before confronting her, in fear that she may destroy even more. Together, as lovers in secret, they traveled The World for quite a while.

    Fall of the Dark God
    Luna felt something wrong after awaiting Graves return. She herself arose from the land of destruction to look for her love and most loyal servant. Soon she discovered Graves and Aura together, and grew furious. For the last time she will be outcasted by her creations.
    She traveled to the city Carmina Gadelica, and to the temple of her loved sister. She casted the city away, believing to have destroyed it. This did not satisfy her fury and soon after she cursed the city itself into eternal nightfall, so that now human may ever see the Aura of the sun again.
    Luna waited for Graves to be alone and confronted him, demanding a response on his betrayal. Even Graves silver tongue could not save himself from her wrath. Graves was transformed into nothing more than a mortal who could not die through age. He was to suffer for all eternity or until something more powerful than his weak state consumed him. That was the fate of those who betray the Goddess.

    War of the Goddesses
    Aura disovered what Luna has done, not only to her people but to her lover as well. Believing this to be the second time Luna has destroyed her love; she sought to put an end to Luna’s power.
    The two battled throughout the centuries, with Aura slowly losing her strength to her younger sister, whose existence was based on nothing more than bloodshed. Aura was not alone however, through the prayers and aid of her beloved humans; she cast Luna to her own small world. Saddened by the fate of her sister who chose darkness; she cast Luna’s worldly prison up into the sky, and illuminated it with the last of her power so it can be seen even on the darkest night.
    It is believed Aura is now sleeping to recover her strength. As the centuries go by, we can only pray for her quick recovery, and return to the Twilight Days once more.
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    Changed Grunties -> The Neko. Edited all out in a document, will paste it all later after I finish going over it.
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    Question, is this final or are you guys still working out a story to explain the creation of the world?
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    I believe Kera said something along the lines of it not being final to the point it's set in stone, but the final lore story will be similar to this if not the same.
    Aka, we're very open to feedback, but this what we're going for right now.
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