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Discussion in 'The World Message Board' started by nick, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. nick

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    This is a list of armor i have currently found and tried to use.I'll update when theirs new information

    armor is equippable at lvl 20 (information source Keramory - )

    squire chestplate (+12 armor)
    plated armor (+30 armor)
    knight chestplate (+42 armor)
    templar chestplate (+48 armor)
    spartan armor (+54 armor)
  2. Lunex

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    I read the description of knight armor and it seems guild specific.
  3. nick

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    I think the description is just for background info but i'm not sure
  4. Keramory

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    Armor is not guild specific. I'm assuming you're refering to the Phoenix Knight references. The Phoenix Knights are the lore's dominating protectors of The World (despite also being a playable guild as well). As such they supply basic armor and weapons that are standards for their soldiers. They also sell them for funding. Anyone however can wear them, and selling them will not fund the actual guild playable in game.

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