[Laughing Coffin] The Murder Guild.

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    Local Time:
    1:49 PM
    -Kill (For contract, fun, or blood thirst I care not.)
    -Follow Dress-code (All Black)
    -Have fun or die laughing!

    We have came from a few different larger mmo's seeking one that fit our PvP lust and our inner anime geek!
    Sadly the server is down and most of the people we brought with us are just waiting for the up time.
    Were a small community of about 20 in total active.
    Many of us are feared pvpers from the games we have came from! *Mostly trash-talked xD*
    We have been called "BlackVoid","InnerVoid","One Abyss" and "LaughingCoffin".
    went from about 100people solid to the 20 linger'er's we have now.
    we hope this community doesn't die like the 2 out of 4 other games we have played other than this one.
    we have played ultima online, runescape, wizardry online, and a game that was a bit smaller (300 players) called rouge.
    Salute! dont die laughing! ;)

    Ok just going to make a side note here...
    This guild will linger like a boss most of us check on this site at least once a day :)

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