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    A list of questions that need answers, and questions that I've answered going forward in the kickstarter.
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    What do we do about videos and pictures of us?
    We make individual video and splice them together. Individual pictures for each of us, and those can be spliced together in a comical fashion for a "group" pictures.​

    How many people do we need to get to see our kickstarter page so that 1% can fund the project?
    At a goal of $310,000. Estimated necessary donation 15,170. We need to get the page out to 1,517,000 people to have 1% of of the people who see the page funding it.​

    Gathering money pre-kickstarter.
    We can take donations from the community if they're going to be used to pay for something specific that we outline in the donation description. We can use this money to pay for some cheap marketing, concept art, and video effects.​

    How are we keeping track of the money?
    Admin paypal account. Each team member will get a set monthly amount in addition to members being able to get advances on their pay. According to the budget we lay out (tba based on our goal and fundraising amount). With 33% of our total being set aside for taxes.​

    How can we make money from Kickstarter during the Kickstarter campaign?
    Paypal donations (overseas primarily, but also locally)​
    Website banner advertisements.​
    Youtube advertisements​
    (This money goes into the same pool as the kickstarter money.)​

    How can we make money after the kickstarter has finished?
    Micro-transactions in the game.​
    Website banner advertisements.​
    [Insert personal ideas here.]​

    How will we get publicity during, and just before the kickstarter?
    -.hack// community (start things off)​
    -MMO/Gaming blogs​
    -MMO/Gaming news sites​
    -Actual news (will have to look into this)​
    -Advertisements from software companies. (Unity, Photon, and anyone else who's tech we're planning on using)​
    -People who can generate traffic (fiverr has quite a few)​
    -Free advertisement services (some companies offer a certain amount of free traffic and such)​
    -Our own users, motivate them to help spread the word.​

    Kickstarter Stages
    Time based​
    Every week we do a major update​
    Twice a week we do a minor update.​
    Daily updates discussions and chat.​
    Funding based​
    Goal reached​
    1% over the goal​
    Every 5% we go over the goal​

    Open source​
    Transparency - Dunno yet how were going to be transparent about the money after the kickstarter is over.​

    How can we get our current community involved and interested
    My mind seems to be going blank, ker help!!!!​

    What state will the game be in during the kickstarter?
    The download won't be available during the kickstarter.​

    Methods of collecting money.
    Paypal and Amazon Payments.​

    What do we do once the kickstarter is over?
    Get ourselves a business license, and take care of all the company related aspects of the group. Then we'll take care of payment between the team (get that out of the way). Next get all the contact info together and get everything set for the first round of prizes/rewards and what not. Rub out geographical issues. Setup the open source aspects of the game. And lastly get back to work. (Including planning for the future and future projects)​

    What makes fundraising projects fail & succeed

    How will people who pledge get their gifts?
    For delivery items UPS, for digital items through their emails.​

    What's the correct way to reference .hack// in the kickstarter?

    How will we keep in contact with our donators and members of the community during the kickstarter campaign?

    How can we get the word out to non-english speaking countries?
    Other countries versions of youtube. [More to come]​

    How will we reward current community members?
    Automatic beta access.​

    How will we open source it?
    Unity3d Pro, allows unity project to go straight to svn. And from there we can get an svn host to host the source files.​

    Who's doing what?

    What support can people with no money give? (Besides just telling people)

    How will we keep control of the community during the kickstarter campaign?

    Are there limits on how much money we can withdraw and deposit using services like amazon payment and kickstarter, and how do we increase that?
    Yes, and including payment information.​
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    I'm gonna start on the video of us...or least make a template for the rest of staff to follow (which will include axl, sieg, and aryth).
    Basically it'll be questions, and EVERYONE will answer it. We'll cut and paste the answers we like best into the video.

    For example, when we talk about combat all of us answers, and say we only like aryths and siegs answers...we put that up there.

    Of course someone will have to edit the holy fudge out of it.
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    Fair enough. Haha. And I'll be uploading my share of the research here soon. Just working on a few take home tests. XD
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  6. Siegfre
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    Right right I always forget about facebook and twitter. I'll add the official FB and twitter to my phone right now.
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    I'd even go as far as to suggest we get a member to just make several...several fake twitter, fb, and youtube accounts to add....just to snowball the process.
    No one wants to join a twitter with 10 followers. Maybe 30 or 50...but ten? Eh.
  8. Siegfre
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    Yeah, I was hesitant to bring it up. But astroturf-ing is a useful strategy.
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    I'll get on it as soon as the monsters are textured
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