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    Character Info

    Skills/Techniques: (Gained from training/study or race)
    Rank: (Please keep age and rank at least semi-real)

    Please list race skills/techniques. I am accepting ensembles (you can RP as two or three (max.) people at a time but must write them all within the same post)

  2. Mattimao1239

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    Name: Mattimao Galman​
    Age: 31​
    Gender: Male​
    Race: Human​
    Birthplace: Madelonia, Casimere​
    Picture/Description: Mattimao.jpg
    Skills/Techniques: Diplomacy (can persuade others with ease) , Body Armor Endurance (battle armor helps keep the body fit and able to move without using much energy), Night Vision (Helmet gives the wearer night vision)​
    Bio: Mattimao comes from a military family that dates back all the way Earth's United States of America, before the invention of the FTL drives. Every male in his family (without disabilities) has served in the military for a thirty year career or until death. Born in Madelonia, Mattimao was brought up on the beliefs that family comes before all, but service before self...because of this and his families history Mattimao joined with the U.P.R's Star Military academy when he turned eighteen. His hometown was bombed during the initial attacks back when he was at the academy and his immediate family is dead. After graduation he was quickly placed into the U.P.R's special ops Alpha unit (which he became the leader of) where he made his way from a simple Ensign to Commander in just under ten years and is on his way to becoming a Captain within the next two. The outbreak of war has kept his unit busy, during the last mission all of his men died during an ambush where he barely survived during two months of captivity and torture. After he escaped he quit his job as the Lead of the Alpha Unit and accepted a job by the Senate to infiltrate Rylon and gather information for the U.P.R's of the beginning of this RP he is trying to make his way onto a ship to be smuggled over to Rylon​
    Faction: U.P.R​
    Rank: Commander​
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    Name: Prototype-X-001
    Age: Irrelevant
    Gender: Irrelevant
    Race: Synthetic
    Manufacturing Date: CLASSIFIED

    Skills/Techniques: tactical analysis, extreme strength, very fast, can be stealthy. X-ray(can see through thin walls), Very tough, and is loyal. Self repairing due to nano technology.
    Bio: It is a combination of a highly classified nano research development, and a human brain's neural network. He was created by a secret military organization to be a future soldier, however the organization was closed down. It was closed down because the process of making the synthetic was deemed inhumane, because to have it function they had to remove the neural systems of a living human being, and memory wipe the brain in the synthetic to protect their secrets and location. This synthetic was the only successful product of the organization. Due to it being partially living they couldn't kill it due to the laws of justice. Deciding to put its combat knowledge into use, it will soon graduate U.P.R Military Academy. It is commonly thought of as a person within a suit. It lives now believing that it was supposed to protect others because of it's knowledge of fighting. However it from time to time wonders what having life means.
    Faction: U.P.R.
    Student of the U.P.R Military Academy.
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    Code Name: Blade
    Pet Wolf's Name: Blaze
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Birthplace: Prandar, Rylon
    Diplomacy (Can persuade others with ease.), Melee Defense (Protects from melee.), Range Defense (Protects from range projectiles.) Pet Mastery (Allows the user to control his pet without voice commands) Swordsmanship Mastery (Makes him really effective with a sword.) Light Boots (Let him go super fast for a few moments.)
    Bio: He was raised in the cold lands of Prandar. Brought up by a Master Swordsman named Rangard he was taught under his wing. Rangard gave him his first and last blade with built in energy packs so that he could strike at range with razor winds. Rangard died when Blade was only 10 years old making him wander endlessly around moving from place to place building his survival skills. One day of traveling he met a lone wolf that was dying and tried to nurse it over night and luckily his attempts were successful and the wolf became a life long companion ever since. He stumbled upon a rebel base camp by chance and decided to try and give it a shot in joining not even aware of the conflict to come.
    Faction: The Rebels.
    Rank: Applying to be in the rebels.
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