Kalani the Thief (Character Sheet)

Discussion in 'Out-of-Character' started by DotHacker2107, Nov 18, 2013.

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    Character Name: Kalani
    Real Name: Kalani Kurobashi
    Member Address: 210766442
    Personality: A very laid back person who enjoys the small things in life. Resting wherever he sees fit, enjoying the time if it is spent with his friends or alone. Being a very social and outgoing person he tries and befriends many people and keeps his enemies to a minimum to avoid needless drama. Though when it comes to fighting and Pk’ing he is willing to step up to the plate and fight out a battle using his speed.

    Description of outfit: Red under armor, gray vest, gray long pants, and a black overcoat with red runes spelling out a lost language.

    Likes: Anime, Reading, Sleeping, Eating, and Treasure Hunting

    Dislikes: Drama, needless fighting, losing, and being toyed with

    Class: Thief

    Weapon: Twin Blades

    Item List: n/a

    Level :n/a

    Friends list :n/a
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    My twin blades.
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    That's a decent looking Character Sheet, but alas! It is without a Roleplay! If you're going to want to play as your Character Kalani, you're either going to have to create or wait for a .hack Roleplay to be made. If you want to create a roleplay, set in Aqua Polis Square for instance, then you'll need to create two threads;
    • Your OOC Thread
      (That's where your original Character will go, along with information about your game, rules, character sheet templates, etc..)

    • and your Roleplay Thread
      (The thread where you and your other characters/players will Roleplay!).
    The OOC Section is where you should post your Char Sheet, but the Char Sheet should be within an OOC Thread for a roleplay. I currently have an OOC Thread that is under-development, and you can get to it by going here:


    Its a decent example of what to make, even though it isn't finished. I only have the Index, and the thread's rules posted, but you can probably get an idea of how to set up your OOC Thread (for your roleplay) from that. I hope this makes sense and that helps? :-S
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    Right Right, I posted this when I thought I understood, but fully didn't. I am currently working on the RP
    so much to do.
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