indiegogo Progress - 10/8/2013

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    So quite a bit happened yesterday and I'd like to recap everything here just so we don't get lost in the mess.

    • As everyone is aware the indiegogo campaign begins Friday.
    • Aryth uploaded the base video, lee uploaded a copy to his youtube channel.
    • We added and altered quite a bit to the indiegogo page, if you want to check it out it's HERE.
    • Zarch uploaded a newer gameplay video for us HERE.
    • Set some videos to private on my personal channel (to keep new people from thinking the game looks like the old versions)
    • Keramory updated all the social media sites facebook, twitter, etc..
    • Joe made some edits/improvements to the site. And will be changing things up a bit to improve the overall site.
    • Mass email sent this morning and another will be sent on Friday.

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