I just rediscovered this game in my files

Discussion in 'The World Message Board' started by Lantern, Apr 26, 2018.

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  1. Lantern

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    I've been a (very inactive, almost nonexistent) member of this forum for years and, thanks to finding the game in my files, I remembered this entire thing existed!
    I'm seeing some new things, namely that the game now requires a key to play, and that makes me excited!

    But the activity on the forum deflates that almost entirely...

    So, like many others, I've gotta ask: Is this project still going?

    Either way, hi! lol
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  2. Cerberuspaw

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    Short Answer: Sadly, no.

    Long Answer: Complicated and would require loads of thread searches and a few direct statements to validate everything. Though the source code is available above the shoutbox.

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