How to Get .hack//IMOQ Remake

Discussion in 'Aqua Polis Square' started by Erroneous, Aug 8, 2019.

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  1. Erroneous

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    Hiroshi Matsuyama answers Q&A on .hack//IMOQ remake.

    To simply put

    #1 Show the support with numbers, buy digitally for yourself or a friend .hack//G.U. Last Recode on Steam or Playstation Store

    #2 Post on BandaiNamco's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube page's stating you want .hack//IMOQ remake/remaster and more .hack games!

    Get involved and have your friends join in!

    Dothack Discord
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  2. Lunex

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    Videos don't work, so I'll ask, is the idea more that they are inclined to remaster the collection or that they'd want to start from scratch and do the full remake?

    Also, physical copies don't count?
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  3. Naraku666

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    that or someone with a vr system could try make an actual vr style game
  4. Cerberuspaw

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    Yeah I'm willing to buy it for a friend for sure, but I bought it physically when it released. So I'm curious if physical sales make a difference.

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