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Discussion in 'Monster Creator' started by Keramory, Nov 26, 2012.

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    The World is full of various unique monsters that can be found no where else! To keep the large collection of monsters vast, we the developers have decided to ask the community to aid us in our quest in creating a large assortment of monsters never before seen!

    Although the development team was never apart of Megaman Legends 3, we are saddened to see the project was dropped and would like to continue the spirit of having the community help shape The World they'll soon be apart of!

    So heres how you enter your monster!

    Monster Types

    Beastmen - Intellegent organized creatures that live within The World. These include Goblins / Orcs
    * Subtypes would include warrior classes of these or magic classes. For example a Goblin warrior, or Orc Mage.

    Animals- Wild Beasts within the game that are found typically in fields. Includes Wolves and Snakes.

    Insects- Similar to our animals, insects are active throughout The World. From giant killer moths to murderous spiders. Even if its not an insect in the real world, anything creepy crawly would go in this section.

    Hybrids- Creatures of strange creations, usually through unknown means. Such would include Griffins, Medusa like monsters, turkey women.

    Mechanical- Strange objects of technology gone berserk or created by evil creatures. Includes mechanical golems, berserk drillers.

    Cursed- Cursed items that attack those who go near it. Includes cursed weapons, armors, or mimic chests.

    Undead- Monsters that no longer live but continue to roam The World. Includes ghosts, zombies, and spirits.

    Dragons - We all know what dragons are.

    Elementals- Elemental sprites and creatures such as a Water Sprite.

    Plants- Even plants and various fruits can be vicious within The World. Such as a Rotten Pumpkin

    Marine- Any water based monsters. Such include fishes, sharks, and crabs. How the fishes and sharks are swimming in the air is just one of the many mysteries.

    Demons- Unatural creatures many believe to be from another plane of existance. All is known they plan to wipe out any unlucky player who comes their way.

    Aliens- Did you think our world was the only one out there? How arrogant! This section is created out of respect for .hack

    Other - Add if you're unsure where to put yours. Example many would understand is those giant turkey women monsters from the old .hack games. I'd throw em under Hybrid most likely. If you're trying to create your own type not listed here you're making a bold move as we're trying to keep them in one of these catagories.
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    Submit your art in this forum with this template.

    Which monster group the monster belongs in:
    The Image of the monster:
    Description of the monster:
    Requested name of the monster:
    ~ By posting my art here I acknowledge that developers of IridiumBased may use the material for their products. I am posting to give my creative support in aiding the development of their games. I by no means am demanding credit or compensation for my idea and art to IridiumBased. Finally by submitting these images I am stating that this is my own work, not the work of others.
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