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Discussion in 'Neko's Tavern' started by NubSmoo, Mar 29, 2016.

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  1. NubSmoo

    NubSmoo Active Member Senior Member

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    10:28 AM
    Hey guys I haven't been on in a long time as I pretty much forgot about this place, I plan to come play again a bit more. How have you all been?
  2. calmchaos

    calmchaos Moderator Staff Member Senior Member

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    6:28 PM
  3. Cosmic Architect

    Cosmic Architect Active Member Senior Member Backer

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    7:28 PM
    Lol, pretty much same for me. I've usually remembered the project now and again, and came back every few months. Welcome back! Seems like we might see some new content released soon if the increased game staff activity is any sign.

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