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Discussion in 'Out-of-Character' started by Zach, Feb 15, 2015.

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    It's been a while since I posted here, and I haven't really been keeping up to date as well as I should be.

    I'd like to post here today (mostly because this is the last active dot hack community), advertising my guild in a game known as Elemental Knights Online: the WORLD.
    It's an anime-style, mobile MMORPG for smartphones that can be played by anyone in the world at any time.
    I run two guilds in the game dedicated to dot hack themed roleplay, one is purely for roleplay content in the forums, and the other is for endgame content featuring active roleplay elements.

    If you wish to learn more about Elemental Knights Online, please visit theworldeko.boards.net and ekotheworld.wikia.com.
    To find my guild in game, search for my name. Haelos, or my guild names. Seventh Sight
    and 「the WORLD」」 R:EKO」

    I apologize I'm not being very thorough with this post, but I have provided all the resources necessary to peak your interest.
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    The four Elements of wonder, that control nature itself, are not the lords of will and power.
    The four control our the earth under our feet.
    The four control the ways we greet.
    But The four cannot control our minds, they can give us a path, a goal, but never a soul.

    The four Elements will be defeated in a matter of time, just you know.
    The end is near.
    And the Door, will open.

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