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Discussion in 'Aqua Polis Square' started by Krosantor, Nov 17, 2016.

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    Good evening guys and grills,
    I know that it is something special I am talking about right now but it is way more serious then it might sound in the beginning.
    Many of you might know that .hack//ENEMY was the TCG which took place in [The World]. Weeks earlier I bought the Kite Starter Deck via Amazon and now I have an idea. I like the way this game is meant to be played and I have the ability to recreate the cards for my own purpose.
    My girlfriend's birthday is coming and I want to present her with her own card set. But this is a huge problem for me. I can not draw characters and I am unable to design the art work properly.
    So I am asking you for help and ideas to solve this problem properly.
    If you want to I will upload the basic card designs to this thread and we can discuss the art work.
    I hope you can help me. :)

    Best wishes Krosantor
    Monsterkarte WaterElement.jpg The upper card is the basic colour scheme for all water-elemental cards and it represents the monster card in the game and sorry for mixture of German and Englisch. I was damn tired that day. :D
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