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Discussion in 'The Guild Corner' started by Quine, Mar 2, 2015.

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  1. Quine

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    Well, i know that this thread is still NOT this useful, but it will be very useful. So, basically this thread is about asking questions, and awaiting for replies.

    Q: Can i make a Ghost guild,[Guild with only the leader as member] and post the recruitment at the forums?

    Q: How the Guild systems will be at the After-beta?[Since the game is subject to changes till the release... how do you predict it'll be?]

    Q: Any confirmed especial feature?

    Q: How will the @Home systems be? [Since the gagme is subject to changes till the release... how you predict it'll be?]

    Well, there is still not many questions... [or there is?] But, later [LAAAAAATER] there'll be lots of questions that can be answered just reading this thread.
  2. Aryth

    Aryth Developer Senior Member Indiegogo Backer

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    1. Probably not. You can post recruitment for a guild you haven't made yet and there wouldn't be any difference.

    2. We haven't finalized guild systems or tested them at all... Any answer to this question now would probably change often between now and beta.

    3. You can search and see, but I don't know what you qualify as 'special'.

    4. It'll exist.
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  3. JCMazeFTL

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    The Indiegogo said something about a gondola that you and your guild could ride on, so that would be special, right?

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